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'all god's children have shoes

LP/CD Voodoo Rhythm records 


LP: VR1249 / CD: VRCD49  

Born in Northern Georgia sometime between 1985 and 1986, raised by a single mother and clan of cousins, first instrument was harmonica then ukelele, finally by age thirteen guitar. Under the strict puritanical rule of thirds music was deemed "satan's workshop" and thus he was booted out in his youth to follow the life of an itenarent worker, playing with various medicine shows, and busking and preforming magic on street corners in the tiny towns of south central Tennenesee. Began 10 year walk to Mexico with Sadie the coonhound at age 20 only to be beaten up and left with a cut throat and an empty wallet. That damn dog. Music reflects the changing styles of the age from the negro chants and worksongs to the parlor piano tunes adapted for the guitar. New upcoming album on Voodoo Rhythm Records out of Switzerland. You just gotta take that eagle and run with it.


KING KHAN wrote following words about Andy Dale Petty:

I met Andy Dale Petty in Huntsville, Alabama, he had a magazine in his pocket with all the state train routes in it and was telling me about how he loved to hop trains like the hobos back in the day. He taught me how to run next to a train and hop it, always make sure you can see the spokes in the wheel turning, if you cant than the train is too fast and you might lose a limb or two or your head. He fell asleep on a cold wooden porch that evening and then woke everyone up with his lovely geetar playing in the morning. Alabama is known as the place where the first confederate flag was designed and raised, incidentally it was also the place where the first rocket was made to take humans to the moon. Thankfully both slavery and moon travel were abandoned and replaced by white castle, waffle houses and welfare. People like Andy Dale make America the beautiful nightmare that it is. His guitar playing and hobosexuality preserve the fruits of the nation in a jar rather than a petri dish. He may not be able to turn water into wine but he can sure make a rainy afternoon feel like pickles and orange crush. The world would be a cold place without Andy Dale and his geetar, so if you see him by the train tracks, buy him a can of beans and throw a hotdog in it.... he deserves it.   



andy dale petty interviewed

1. How long have you been performing?

First show was with Montana the Cat at a girl's 14th birthday party when i was 14 or 15....we played Syd Barret and Buffalo Springfield songs and her father unplugged us after 5 minutes.

2. What got you started?

My mother nourished me at an early age with Beatles and Motown elementary school i discovered the oldies station in Hunsville and listened to songs like "Mother in Law" and "Don't walk away Renee" on the way to school...When i was 13 i begin secretly tapping into my stepfather's record collection, listening to early Black Sabbath and ELO before he got home from work.

3. What is your favorite thing about Huntsville?

three caves, dead childrens playground, land trust trails, Bandito Burrito....Plus my family settled Huntsville, weve been here since before it was a state. We drew up the map for John Hunt and the Indians.

4. What is the most important thing people coming to see your show should know?


Old men drive slowly backwards through safeway parking lots

5. Where is the coolest place you've ever played?


Genesco Shoe Factory(Lowe Mill), an old Slaughterhouse in Winston Salem, A sex store on University Drive, plus on Mississippi John Hurt's porch in Avalon, Mississippi. Various streetcorners.

6. If you could play with anybody dead or alive who would it be?

Id like to put together a band with Levon Helm on drums, Kris Novoselic on bass, Speckled Red on piano, Kevin Shields on guitar, and Phil Spector singing.

7. What is the strangest thing to ever happen at a show?

Having Auditory hallucnations of my grandfather reading me the lyrics to a song i had forgotten while i was midway through playing it.


8. Why should people come see you play?

For me a show is the purified concentration of direct expression derived from the mining of sources of golden divination, this is usually a very private venture though through the very public context of a concert these colors are intensified at their source which brings them out in full richness and texture.

9. What was the inspiration so to speak behind your song "walking Down the Line"?

That songs is not from my pen...Its credited to Bob Dylan though he definitely didnt write it since theres recordings of Woody Guthrie playing it in the 30's...most likely its derived from the late 1880's, sounds like a song Foot-and-a-Half George wouldve sung.

10. If you could only have 5 albums to listen to for the next 5 years what would they be?

Meat Puppets-Meat Puppets II

Neil Young-American Stars n Bars

My Bloody valentine-Loveless

Townes Van Zandt-Flying Shoes

Amede Ardoin-I'm Never Coming Back



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