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DM BOB & the DEFICITS Bio/Discograghy

1994 bob asks susie (distant nice of Django) and tanktop (George Patton s bastard son) to record "Didn t Mean to Hurt Ye" which appears on their 1st maxi single (fifi rec) this led Max Dax to book their very first live gig in HH's Grosse Freiheit......
1995 Thomas Heidorn (1 million $ rec) releases the maxi single "La Rabia" and they sign with Tim Warren s Crypt label (he's responsible folks!) the band sets up studio and get to work do Louisiana tour Zwolle and New Orleans where they play the Mermaid lounge to 15 or so very drunk people bob gets his first and only fan mail from New Orleans which his wife throws away before he can read causing bob to promptly file for divorce....
1996 lp "Bad with Wimen" released along with the single "Mexico Americano"
(crypt) the band plays pop com with El Vez and the Oblivians all very swell people bob and the deficits do several shows with the Oblivians later on they meet up with Nikki Sudden record album "Nikki and the Big Deficits" (long out of print) and do a tour cut short when nikki pours a bottle of fine merlot on bob s amp somewhere in lovely Bayern. in the winter bob and co appear in BBC film "On the Road with John Peel" where mr Peel helps them sing merle haggard s Lonesome Fugitive. in the HH grunspan bob personally gives Ike Turner a painting and after shaking hands with the strat master himself bob finds his guitar playing vastly improved. bob gets his D I V O R C E and couldn t be happier..
1997 2nd crypt release lp "Bush Hog'n Man" hits the charts the boys and girl do their 3rd euro tour with Tom and Eric of the mighty Bantam Rooster taking in the fine april landscape of france they also visit monti carlo where susie secretly doubles the tour money
in the fall they are off to london to do a couple of gigs and a J Peel session Franziska Jacob s releases her film "Durchgebraten" giving the band a bit of soundtrack "work"......
1998 start recording for the 3rd Crypt lp which never happens Tim had to flee the country as he was found to be a polygamist susie has to check in to hospital for guitar arm fatigue but recovers just in time to drive over to london for a live BBC 1 radio show with Andy Kershaw on the return drive car is broken into in venlo holland but only duty free cigs and all the dirty underwear were stolen in dec bob and band receive the greatest xmas gift ever by being allowed to open for god himself Mr Link Wray bob again shook another hand to vastly improve his strumming abilities Mr Wray told them "you guys are great" like he does to all his opening acts he s a nice god! the band also released a fine country number on the berlin comp "Crazy Mongo Party" and the single "No Soy Facil" on the french Nest of Vipers......
1999 relatively a quiet year with a few 3 and 4 day tours and playing too often in HH the band spent a great deal of time searching for a usa label just missing a deal with Fat Possum and finally signing with Man s Ruin which would prove to be extremely unfruitful in the end after a lot of waiting in the dark: NO record. (don t ever deal with an artist!) but it s the thought that counts..... bob also had to fly to chicago to personally defend the band in a brand name infringement trial against the allied corp which owns the trademark BushHog the jury was hung.......don t mess with an alabama boy!!!!!
2000 waiting in vain on man s ruin...but our said band was very busy in the studio having just upgraded to 8 track! but no records and no tours a few gigs here and there bob doing a few side projects like recording for other people and playing in his girlfriend s band The Watzloves for all of dec bob silky and beatman banded together to do the Le Cirque Electrique with The Dead Bros Bob Log III Steve Westfield Guitar Fucker Whitman and many other greats...including Moris the seal.....

1994 - Didn t Mean to Hurt Ye - fifi records -Maxie Single
1995 - la riba -1 million $ rec - Maxie Single
1996 - Bad with Wimen – Crypt records - LP
1996 - Mexico Americano– Crypt records - single
1996 - Nikki and the Big Deficits – (Nikki Sudden ) LP
1997 - Bush Hog'n Man – Crypt records - LP
1998 - No Soy Facil - Nest of Vipers – single
2001 – Cajun Creole hot nuts – voodoo rhythm – LP/CD
2001 – the man's ruin record – fan boy -LP




1. who done it
2. they called him took
3. name game
4. meat man
5. slide off of your satin sheets
6. alien baby
7. only 13
8. mad dog
9. into my own thing
10. super payaso contra hormiga atomica
11. texian boys
12. loco
13. facist in the courthaus
14. bonus track: we're coming arkansas

"cajun Creole hot nuts"
CD: VRCD06 (EAN CODE: 7640111760429)

The Louisiana Wild Dog and his pals are back, starting his first band 1983 in Louisiana doing Hound Dog Taylor stuff... Then they moved to Germany and started the Deficits with Susie (distant nice of Django Reinhard) and Tank Top (George Patton's bastard son) first record in 1994, first album on Crypt recordings in 1996... and now their newest Album on Voodoo Rhythm, it's as SWAMP as it can get, more Louisiana is not possible, get into the strange world of DM Bob and the deficits, where they mix up Cajun, Rock'n'Roll, Blues and even do Sly Stone Covers, Wild Hillbilly White Trash!

Der Lousiana Wild Dog und seine Gefährten sind zurück!!! Seine erste Band gründete DM Bob 1983 in Lousiana, danach zog es ihn nach Deutschland, wo er sich seine „Deficits" suchte; er fand Susie Reinhardt (entfernte Cousine von Django Reinhardt) und Tank Top (niemanden Verwandter). Ihre ersten Aufnahmen machten sie 1994, auf die ihr erstes Album 1996 auf Crypt Records folgte.
Und nun erscheint ihr braundneues Album auf Voodoo Rhythm Records! Mehr SWAMP geht nicht, mehr Lousiana passt auf keine Platte, tauch ein in die faszinierend bizarre Welt von DM Bob And The Deficits, in der aus Cajun, Rock'n'Roll und Blues Ihren Wild Hillbilly White Trash Sound zelebrieren...

Selling Points:
- did put out albums for Crypt records
- DM Bob is A Painter and has his own recording studio (8 track)