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The Jackets - queen of the pill


2.What About You 
3.Steam Queen 
4.Move On 
5.Don't Leave Me Alone 
6.Queen Of The Pill 
7.Floating Alice 
8.Losers Lullaby 
9.Deeper Way 
10.Be Myself

THE JACKETS "queen of the pill"
Format LP: VR12112 (barcode:7640148982924) incl FREE CD+ Poster
Format CD: VRCD112 (barcode:7640148982931)
Date of Release:14.06.2019

10 Songs of Pure Raw Wild Swiss Psychedelic Fuzz Garage at it’s Best fronted by the Wildest woman in Europe, This is Swiss Psychedelic Fuzz Garage Punk at it's Best !!! Produced by King Khan and mixed by Jim Diamond, Alice Cooper sed in his Radio Show to the Jackets:the Real Deal !!

Voodoo Rhythm Records is proud to present the fourth full length album by The Jackets and the second released on Voodoo Rhythm! They’ve been called “the real deal” by Alice Cooper in his Radio Show, Little Steven’s Underground Garage had them as the “Greatest Song in the World” in 2017, Rodney Bingenheimer (Legendary L.A. DJ and Honorary Mayor of the Sunset Strip) plays them regularly – and that was just last year! For this new album The Jackets have once more assembled their “dream team” of recording engineer Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) and His Royal Highness King Khan who produced their single in 2017, but it gets better! Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Cambodian Space Project) has joined the team to mix and master and believe me, this album is a blast! Raw amazing Full-Fuzz-Power-Punk-Beat with a touch of Psychedelia! You have never heard The Jackets on vinyl like this before!
10 Songs. All Killer. No filler!




Voodoo Rhythm Records ist stolz, das vierte Album von "the Jackets" und das zweite auf Voodoo Rhythm Records zu veröffentlichen! im letzen Jahr wurden Sie von Alice Cooper in seiner Radio Show "the real deal" genannt, Little Steven's Underground Garage hatte Sie 2017 als „the Greatest Song in the World" (queen of the pill) und Rodney Bingenheimer (Legendärer DJ und Ehrenbürgermeister vom Sunset Strip Los Angeles) spielt Sie regelmäßig in seiner Show – und das war erst letztes Jahr! Für dieses neue Album haben the Jackets noch einmal Ihr "dream team" aus Toningenieur Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) und seiner königlichen Hoheit King Khan zusammengestellt, die ua schon 2017 Ihre single 'queen of the pill' produzierten, aber es wird noch besser! Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Cambodian Space Project) hat sich zum Team gesellt und mischte und End-Produzierte das Album, und es ist ein Knaller! Rau wie Sau und erstaunlich Frisch mit Full-Fuzz-Power-Punk-Beat und einem schuss von Psychedelia! the Jackets in so einer Perfektion waren sie noch nie zu Hören!! 10 Songs. Alles Killer. Kein Füller!!!


I read Voodoo Rhythm label head booster Beat-Man's customary over-the-top accompanying blurb for this Swiss band. Other people, famous folk whose music you love, rate The Jackets very high. Who? Well ... Alice Cooper. Nah, can't be that good. It's better. Every song is crafted, clever, and a blazing, shooting, call-out-the-army riot in a small town over a misplaced pair of slippers. The band are: Jack Torera aka Jackie Brutsche (guitar, vocals), Chris Rosales (drums) and Samuel "Schmidi" Schmidiger (bass). You have to imagine a slightly different 1960s. Where the studios were better. Where short, sharp, powerful bolts of lightning strike over thundering drums and a glorious fuzz drone (no song here is over 3 minutes). Where more women were into the macho world of r'n'r. 'Queen of the Pill' is ten supercharged luscious slabs of dance-frantic, limbo-struttin', death-defying rawk that'll come close to blowing your head off. Take just one example: "Move On", a classic rock itch to be away from whoever's holding you back. Except it's from the woman's perspective, ditching some overly clingy male. Why is this? Jack Torera is a female. I think. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I am not your mom/ You are not my dad/ You are not my kid/ I am not your cat/ I just got to move on/ Now you're on your own Quite apart from completely nailing a number of identity problems men have with the love of their life, and flipping the 'don't hang around me no more' type of r'n'b gag upside down and inside out, the delivery of "Move On" (and the other 9 songs) is absolutely fire-furnace on the march. Succinct, humungous and superb. Some of you will recognise some of the places they've been revisiting. 'Loser's Lullaby', for example, reminds me a bit of The Damned's 'Born to Kill'. But, frankly, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. All that matters is the glorious pop drone fuzz tank-rattling racket right the fuck now.

Ever since Tim Warren slapped the Crypt Records logo on the first Back From The Grave compilation in 1983, there has been no stopping the trajectory of a subgenre’s influence and the stranglehold it has placed on cultures aboard. It’s been 36 years since that record went into press and the garage punk phenomenon has only blown up from obscure, amateurish lo-fi recordings to a full-blown cultural movement around the world that has resurrected interest in those old groups and birthed generations and waves of groups today. Making headways due to these early efforts is a Swiss garage rock group called The Jackets who achieved a breakthrough with their wild and fuzz-laden third LP, Shadows of Sound, released in 2015 on Voodoo Rhythm Records. The album harnesses a hypnotic sensibility in part to its artwork’s graphical layout, and singer/guitarists, Jackie Brutsche’s fuzz overdriven riffs sounding like a contemporary take on a mid-60s obscure British Invasion group meets the Detroit proto-punk revival. If they’re going the nostalgia route, they should keep it up as they’re not stripping it of its merit and reintroducing an older sound infused with all aspects of punk rock to a new, lowbrow, more tech-savvy generation. Shadows of Sound proves you can do that and their return to Voodoo Rhythm with their new LP, Queen of the Pill, builds on this triumph. They brought on some names with this release and hinted in 2017 at one of them with the mention of expat garage rocker King Khan’s involvement with the making of Queen of the Pill, only released as a two-track 7” EP at the time. The production is lo-fi and stripped on that one, they another heavy hitter like Jim Diamond, a man whose recorded practically every band in Detroit’s 1990s garage rock scene, to the end game of the production helm after having Nene Barrato (Movie Star Junkies) make the first pass in the initial recording sessions in Berlin. Not delving from the underlying hypnotic element that was present in Shadows of Sound, Queen of the Pill’s lead-off track “Dreamer” opens with Brutsche’s familiar slow build up riff before bassist Sam Schimidger layers it with dexterous bass lines and drummer Chris Rosales speeds up the pace on the battery end. Brutsche is the first person you’ll notice when looking at photos of the three in action with her acrobatic stage performance while clad in black donning Alice Cooper eye-makeup. An artist, by all means, she contributes much to the songwriting of The Jackets when she’s not leading a career as a multifaceted artist, musician, filmmaker, and playwright around Europe. This record also shows they’re comfortable going away from just being an explosive garage punk band to experimenting with different playing styles and bending their genre a bit. “Floating Alice,” is one of the more exotic sounding tracks in this record, likely their catalog to say, as it utilizes different arrangements rooted in Eastern music along with their head on garage punk sound. Think of a more upbeat rendition of X’s “Adult Books, and you’ll get the idea. The lyrics spin a heavy tale of intergalactic heartbreak as Brutsche narrates the perspective of a woman astronaut slowly drifting away from her lover while peering over earth: “I’ve got you in my mind for a while now/Time will not bring back your smile/The stars shine so bright as I’m getting lost/Slowly fading away, at any cost.” Between abstract storytelling and personal experiences such as the ‘77 punk-influenced “What About You” is based upon the former relationship of one member, the songwriting and lyrical themes nod towards former flames and the band’s growth and development throughout the years. Brutsche’s venomous tirade in “Losers Lullaby” is a template that anyone with a sad excuse of an ex-partner can certainly relate with a copy and paste a closure letter towards the offender: “I lost your wallet & your photograph/I cashed your check, and I sold your stash/You’re a liar & I’m tired of you.” The “Move On” riff harks the energy Wayne Kramer must have harnessed during that fateful day at Wayne State on July 19th 1970 with an agro swing of the hip shake and groove feel with lyrics construing a flip of the switch viewpoint from person severing a relationship. However, it’s “Deeper Way,” a track drummer Rosales wrote about the growing pains these three have gone through over the years, that pulls all the punches with a strong bulldozer-like opening riff from Brutsche that shows her harder side along with dynamic support from Rosales and Schmidiger on the harmony ends. The fringe music will prevail, it’s an outsider perspective that keeps things original and interesting, and always will. The Jackets are doing just that but stand out well amongst the crowd. Get down with them or move aside. – Review by Matthew Hutchison

​The Jackets are a group any Gearhead reader should be familiar with, if not, then here's your chance. Voodoo Rhythm Records asked us if we'd like to premiere the new track "Dreamer" off their upcoming Queen of the Pill album and we couldn't say no. They're one of the most exciting bands going today holding one of the most exciting front woman of this generation. If there's anyone that consistently channels the high energy of Wayne Kramer in mix with the attitude of The Blackhearts, it's Jackie Brutsche. "Dreamer" gives off an old school garage rock feel with a sliding fuzz riff opening the track then quickly picks up speed with the rhythm section while Brutsche howls and harmonizes throughout. Some heavy hitters were involved with Queen of the Pill including King Khan (King Khan & The Shrines, King Khan & The BBQ Show) producing, Nene Barrato (Movie Star Junkies) recording, and Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, Andre Williams) mixing and mastering.
Get down with The Jackets. Queen of the Pill will be available on vinyl, CD, and online throughVoodoo Rhythm Records on June 14th.

A mediados del próximo mes de junio tendremos de visita por nuestro país a los suizos The Jackets. La banda formada por Jackie Brutsche (aka Jack Torera – guitarra y voces), Chris Rosales (batería y percusión, coros) y Samuel Schmidiger (bajo y coros) estará presentando en tres conciertos (Madrid, Bilbao y Alcora -Bestialc Festival-), las canciones de su cuarto trabajo largo y segundo para Voodoo Rhythm Records, “Queen of the Pill”. Este nuevo disco de The Jckets, que sale oficialmente a la venta el 14 de junio próximo, la banda ha contado con la colaboración de nada más y nada menos que King Khan a la producción y composición. Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) se encargó de la grabación mientras que el conocido Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, The Cambodian Space Project) de la mezcla. Formados en Berna en el año 2008 por miembros de the Unbelievers (rev Beat-man), The Sex Organs o The Get Lost, The Jackets han girado por toda Europa, Reino Unido y los Estados Unidos. Comparados con The Darts, The Monks, The Woggles o los propios King Khan & The Shrines, han recibido halagos de gente como el mismísimo Alice Cooper (se refierió a la banda en su programa de radio como “the real deal”), aparecido en el programa de Little Steven, “Underground Garage”, donde consiguieron hacerse con el título honorífico de “Greatest Song in the World” en 2017, y gente como el mítico Rodney Bingenheimer los programa habitualmente en su show radiofónico..

(Long Beach, CA) - Four years in the making with a worldly production team, The Jackets return to the forefront of the garage rock world with their explosive fourth LP, Queen of the Pill, set for global release via Voodoo Rhythm Records on June 15th.
With Queen of the Pill, the three uproot from Switzerland to Porc Audio Studios in Berlin to enlist the assistance of recording engineer Nene Barrato (Movie Star Junkies) and garage n' soul Montrealer expat, King Khan, to assist in the production and co-writing process. The move pays off as Khan's guidance and efforts have pushed The Jackets sound into unique sonic territories not heard before in their catalog. Equally as ecstatic to work alongside the Swiss trio, Khan's words on the experience sums his feelings of their new found potential: "When The Jackets asked me to produce them, I was very excited! I really feel like the world has been waiting for a new female guitar goddess and Jackie is that! In this new album, she sprouts big black wings like Lucifer's younger, more blood thirsty sister out for vengeance. Not only did we amplify female rage, but we celebrated the Ovarian Power Dynamic (OPD) making this not just an album, but an opus to feminine empowerment. Ishtar has freed from the depths of hell and Jackie is her incarnate bound for glory with the hounds of hell as her steeds! Hallefuckinllujah! Go get em' girl!" - King "Bama Lama" Khan. Khan's not the only one enthusiastic by this group. The Jacket's last LP, Shadows of Sound, saw heavy air play from iconic DJ, Rodney Bingheimer, with the same attention garnished on the 7" preview of Queen of the Pill in 2017. Accolades for the band were drawn in the same year via Little Steven as he christened "Queen of the Pill" one of the "Coolest Songs in the World" on the Underground Garage. Even Alice Cooper praises these three, check the bottom of the page to hear how. The Jackets have kept the momentum building with a race of heavy touring of the EU and UK along with their first trek along both coasts of the United States w/The Woggles, The Darts, and The Loons. The Jackets are no strangers to the European festival circuit too as they've delivered their raucous, high octane shows to crowds at Funtastic Dracula (ES), Cosmic Trip (FR), Purple Weekend (ES), Festival Beat (IT), Hipsville A Go Go (UK).

Swiss garage punk trio, The Jackets, express themselves with a hypnotic energy and charisma for their second release for Voodoo Rhythm, due out in June 2019. Drawing their inspiration from New Wave, their raw 3-minute songs pack a punch of vitality sadly missing for far too long in popular music. The album opens with a blistering quartet of tracks that includes Dreamer, the single which was released in mid April. It has the drive of punk and an air of psychedelia. They have a confident stage presence especially in the vocals of Jackie Brutsche and have caught the attention of Alice Cooper on his USA radio show "because they just go out there and rock". Unusually for the genre, it's not nihilistic nonsense but rather an honest creativity with retro experimentation. The Jackets give rock a good name again. The music and songs combine as spectacularly as the best of British or American New Wave bands. Even the slower numbers Steam Queen and Floating Alice display a determination to be different. Queen of the Pill is a rejuvenating tonic and should be their breakthrough album

I believe that every one of you out there who likes maximum powerful Garage-Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll is familiar with this electrifying Swiss band, The Jackets! A trio formed in 2007 and have released three full-length LP’s – “Stuck Inside” (Subversiv Records 2009), “Way Out” (Soundflat Records 2012) and “Shadows Of Sound” (Voodoo Rhythm Records 2015). The Jackets released their first 7″ vinyl single “Be Myself/ Queen Of The Pill” on Voodoo Rhythm Records in June of 2017. They are fronted by the wildest woman in Europe singer and guitarist Jack Torera while Chris Rosales hits the drums and Samuel Schmidiger plays the bass. The press release reads: “Voodoo Rhythm Records is proud to present the fourth full-length album by The Jackets and the second released on Voodoo Rhythm! They’ve been called “the real deal” by Alice Cooper in his Radio Show, Little Steven’s Underground Garage had them as the “Greatest Song in the World” in 2017, Rodney Bingenheimer (Legendary L.A. DJ and Honorary Mayor of the Sunset Strip) plays them regularly – and that was just last year! For this new album, The Jackets have once more assembled their “dream team” of recording engineer Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) and His Royal Highness King Khan who produced their single in 2017, but it gets better! Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Cambodian Space Project) has joined the team to mix and master and believe me, this album is a blast! Raw amazing Full-Fuzz-Power-Punk-Beat with a touch of Psychedelia! You have never heard The Jackets on vinyl like this before! 10 Songs. All Killer. No filler!”… The album takes off in a fast n’ furious way with the fuzzy “Dreamer”, maximum power, dynamic Rock ‘n’ Roll introducing a killer wah-wah guitar line! “What About You” is full of energy, 3 minutes of fully fuzzed-out merciless never-ending headbanging! “Steam Queen” is a cooler tune with some Psych-Acid guitar licks and an amazing guitar filling all over the song! “Move On” is another operative R ‘n’ R tune full of Rhythm and Energy while “Don’t Leave Me Alone” is a far-out Groovy Fuzzy song! The astonishing self-titled “Queen Of The Pill” follows, a track infused with countless 60s fuzzy vibes! My personal favorite is the next one, “Floating Alice”! Just by the title, you can see that is not a normal song, that this is the “black sheep” of the rest tunes over here! It’s a huge dive into the 60s, drenched with Acid, emerging a strong Eastern-like sentimental feel, a track that dangerously flirts with Psychedelia! For the last 3 tracks “Losers Lullaby”, “Deeper Way” and “Be Myself”, Jackie is ripping cords of her Silvertone like no other girl, fuzzy n’ punky, maximum decibels capable to blow your speakers off! Pure, Raw and Wild! Swiss Fuzzy Exciting Rock ‘n’ Roll at its Best! A musical Molotov Cocktail!!! Reverend Beat-Man calls it a Fuzz Masterpiece and who am I to argue? (TimeLord Michalis)

Zwischen Clockwork Orange und Turbonegro wirkt der Starrblick von Jackie Brutsche (Jack Torera; voc./git.), der eindringlich wie hypnotisch vom Coverartwork dieses bereits vierten Album des Schweizer Trios seine Wirkung nicht verfehlt. Eyecatcher gelungen. Nicht nur Alice Cooper(!) spielte die Mucke bereits in seiner Radioshow, sondern auch Sunset Strip-Vibes wurden via Rodney Bingenheimer breit in den Äther gestreut. Da kann man schon mal leicht ins Grübeln kommen, warum man diese Band erst jetzt wahrnimmt? Vielleicht stimmt es einfach, dass es eine gewisse Wahrnehmungsverzögerung zwischen dem amerikanischen Kontinent und dem in Europa gibt, was Mucken/Trends etc. angeht?! Doch um beim vorliegenden Album "Queen Of The Pill" zu bleiben, hat kein Geringerer als Jim Diamond (*White Stripes; The Cambodian Space Project) mitgemischt und end-produziert. Unter solch' regelrecht "luxeriösen" Basisgegebenheiten kann doch eigentlich nichts schiefgehen.Wenn man bereits im 11. Bestandsjahr ist, sollte man zumindest meinen, dass der Boden bestens vorgesät ist, um die Erfahrungen in die Mucke einfließen zu lassen und das Potenzial voll auszuschöpfen. "Dreamer" (Track 1; Anspieltip I) jedenfalls schafft es als Opener direkt '60er (/'70er) Jahre Garage Rock Flair fließen zu lassen, der direkt zeitzuversetzen weiß und verstehen lässt, was an dieser Band aus dem Stand heraus so zu faszinieren weiß. Etwas Blues funkt im hintersten Winkel auch mit. Mir kamen spontan The Troggs (*"Wild Thing") in den Sinn, während ich in meinem inneren Musikzentrum kramte, an wen mich der Sound von The Jackets ein wenig erinnert. Allein der sehr originelle Sound, der sich an diversen '60er Jahre Rockproduktionen orientiert, besticht mit einer Leidenschaft, die ihresgleichen sucht - "What About You" (Track 2), was auch an der Art der Arrangements liegen mag. Ich persönlich fühle mich komplett vor das Röhrenradio meiner Kindheit zurückversetzt aus dem The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Troggs etc. diesen special Sound herausschießen ließen, der mich damals direkt zu bannen wusste. Aber auch Soul-ige Notieren kann man durchaus wahrnehmen, die in den '60er/'70er Jahren noch eine echte Basis zum Verschmelzen mit Rockmusik boten - "Steam Queen" (Track 3; Anspieltip II). Sam Cooke (R.I.P.), Aretha Franklin (R.I.P.), James Brown (R.I.P.)... all' diese großartigen Musiker fließen unterschwellig mit. Obendrauf etwas Fuzz/Spiritual Rock Beigaben, es groovt, hat Flow und dieses gewisse Etwas, das einen zu packen weiß - "Move On" (Track 4).Besonders die tiefengetönten Songparts wie zu Beginn von "Don't Leave Me Alone" (Track 5) sind es, die das Non Plus Ultra hergeben. Aber auch moderne Einflüsse sind clever genug eingewebt, um auch jüngere Ohren zu erreichen. Wer z. B. den Sound von The White Stripes mochte/mag, wird vom Kern her Ähnlichkeiten entdecken können, die letztlich auf die Urquelle der Einflüsse schließen lassen. Teilelemente werdet Ihr aber auch im klassischen Hard Rock der '70er wiederentdecken können, die hier genauso ihren Platz innehaben, wie man z. B. sehr gut am Albumtitelstück "Queen Of The Pill" (Track 6; Anspieltip III) hören kann. So manche, geliebte Hard Rock Band mit leichten Hang zu experimentellen Sounds werden Euch durch die Gedanken schießen. Man kann nur staunen mit welch' sattelfester Leichtigkeit The Jackets ihre Songs hier zocken, trotz Studiotools etc.. Nicht einmal das eher seichtere "Floating Alice" (Track 7), das etwas stoned wirkt, kann an der Qualität dieser Scheibe etwas ändern. Tito And Tarantula/"From Dusk Til Dawn" Atmosphäre umschmeichelt sexy und dürfte sowohl in diversen Clubs, wie auch in Bars ein Zuhause finden.Mit "Losers Lullaby" (Track 8) geht es zurück in Richtung (Garage) Rock der den Ohrwürmern ein handfestes Konzertfundament bietet. Sogar etwas Punk Rock, aber vor allem Beat(les) Rock kann man hier im Detail ausmachen, was schon verdammt großes Kino hergibt! Zwar hält "Deeper Way" (Track 9) kaum Kritikboden bereit, hört sich jedoch auf diesem High Quality Album etwas schwächer als die restlichen Songs an, ist allerdings trotzdem noch good enough, um als "guter Song" zu gelten. In ähnlichem Drive geht das etwas über 31 minütige Album mit "Be Myself" (Track 10) über die Ziellinie. Insgesamt ein verdammt starkes Album, das die Ursprünge des '60s Rock mit Schmackes & Feuer entstaubt und letztlich dafür sorgt, dass auch dieses Genre noch längst nicht tot ist. Bei mir wird dieses Album noch öfter laufen, so viel ist sicher.

The Rodney Bingenheimer Show
Playlist: April 7, 2019 Show Theme: Let’s do the Rodney!

The Jesus and Mary Chain “April Skies”
The Jackets “Deeper Way”
The Jackets “Losers Lullaby”
The Jackets “Be Myself”
Jaret and Kelly “How Did We Get Here”
The Regrettes “California Friends”

Uno de los grandes problemas del rock actual es la falta de continuidad en proyectos que originalmente parecían prometedores. Existen grandes bandas que tienen inicios que sorprenden pero al poco tiempo cambian sus intereses y terminan por desaparecer. El campo del garage-punk no es diferente y existen pocas agrupaciones que puedan presumir de contar con una trayectoria de más de una década de trabajo continuo. Un ejemplo claro se puede apreciar con The Jackets y su publicación constante de materiales y giras a lo largo de toda Europa e inclusive ya han visitado Estados Unidos. Ahora, el trío suizo presenta su cuarto LP en el que se aprecia un seguimiento al sonido que han mostrado desde su debut publicado hace exactamente 10 años. Su estilo se basa en hacer canciones duras con una guitarra ruidosa pero acompañada de coros sencillos de aprender. En este caso, el nuevo material contiene una decena de piezas adictivas de rock & roll lleno de fuzz dirigido para todos los aficionados a los sonidos primigenios pero bien ejecutados. Al igual que en el pasado, destaca el trabajo de Jack Torera (también integrante del dueto The Sex Organs), la cantante adicta al delineador quien es una de las poca mujeres guitarristas de garage en la actualidad. El trinomio es complementado por Chris Rosales (batería) y Samuel Schmidiger (bajo), quienes cumplen con su trabajo de proporcionar ritmo y forma a las composiciones. A ellos se debe agregar que al igual que en su 7" lanzado en 2017 (recomendamos leer nuestra reseña), el productor es el demente King Khan.El trabajo abre con "Dreams", cuyos rasguidos de guitarra se encargan de introducirnos a un mundo en el que conviven el punk, con el garage y la psicodelia. La energética batería contagia su entusiasmo como se puede apreciar en "What About You", otra muestra del adictivo sonido de los suizos. Por su parte, "Don't Leave Me Alone" es una romántica canción pero ejecutada con todo el poder que caracteriza al conjunto europeo. A su vez, "Floating Alice" representa la cara más psicotrópica y lisérgica de la banda al ofrecer un resultado más cercano al rock de The Seeds y los 13th Floor Elevators. Con un estilo bastante definido que no pretende cambiar, el trabajo confirma a uno de los conjuntos más trabajadores y estables de la actualidad. Tanto su sonido como la voz de Jack Torera ya son fácilmente identificables y eso se reafirma con su nuevo material.

Glamour aus der Hauptstadt-Garage
Bern ist das heimliche Zentrum der internationalen Garagenrockszene. Und das Trio The Jackets mit seinem neuen Album «Queen of the Pill» einer seiner besten Exportartikel.
Kaum eine alternative Musik- szene ist international so gut vernetzt wie diejenige des Garagenrocks und der Trashkultur. Die Gitarrianer aller Länder haben sich längst vereinigt und treffen sich in Liebhaberclubs von Rio bis Moskau und von Berlin bis Thessaloniki, wo sie schamlos dem Kult des ungezähmten Rock ’n’ Roll frönen.
Die heimliche Hauptstadt der Garageninternationale ist Bern. Ausgerechnet Bern, die ruhige Beamtenstadt in der sauberen Schweiz. Aber wie so oft stimmt das Klischee nur halb. Kaum eine europäische Stadt verkraftet ein so pulsierendes und polarisierendes Kulturzentrum wie die Reitschule, und keine Stadt ausser Bern hat Beat «Beat-Man» Zeller, der langsam, aber sicher zum Hohepriester der einschlägigen Szene geworden ist. Es fehlt nur noch der eigentlich längst überfällige Filmauftritt von Beat-Man in einem Jim-Jarmusch-Film, spätestens dann müsste Bern Tourismus dem Reverend das Verdienstkreuz an die Brust heften. Auf Beat-Mans Plattenlabel Voodoo Rhythm trifft man mittlerweile die Besten des Genres, ob sie nun aus Buenos Aires oder aus dem Wallis kommen.
«Die wildeste Frau Europas»
Eines der kräftigsten Zugpferde von Voodoo Rhythm Records ist die von Bern aus operierende Band The Jackets rund um die Sängerin, Gitarristin, Schauspielerin und Künstlerin Jacqueline «Jackie» Brutsche. Als Performerin ist «die wildeste Frau Europas» (Werbeclaim des Labels) eine Wucht, ob sie nun als mit Zähnen bewaffnete Vagina mit ihrem Duo The Sex Organs auftritt oder an den Jackets-Gigs in die Menge hechtet und sich vom Publikum auf Händen tragen lässt. Mag sein, dass der Jackets-Sound «Rau wie die Sau» ist (nochmals ein Zitat aus dem Promotext), doch Jackie Brutsche hat durchaus eine künstlerische Vision: Früher trat sie (Bühnenname: Jack Torera) mit aufgeklebtem Schnauzbart auf, nun ist immerhin noch die zackige Augenschminke geblieben, die von fern an Kiss erinnert. Auch auf dem neuen Jackets-Album «Queen of the Pill» dominiert die Torera mit ihrem schweren, bis zum Anschlag verzerrten Gitarrensound und einer dunklen, androgynen Stimme, die bisweilen an diejenige von Grace Slick (von der 60er-Psychedelic-Band Jefferson Airplane) erinnert.
Keine One-Woman-Show
Doch The Jackets sind keine One-Woman-Show: Schlagzeuger Chris Rosales spielt geradlinig, aber adrenalingeladen, nie gönnt er der Band eine Verschnaufpause. Sam Schmidiger mag der Unauffälligste im Dreierbund sein, doch ohne seine Bassläufe würden The Jackets nur halb so nachhaltig wummern. In zahllosen Liveshows hat das Trio seinen eigenen Sound gefunden, eine Art glamourösen Garagenrock, hochenergetisch und euphorisierend, mit Einflüssen aus Hardrock, Punk und Psychedelic. Die Wurzeln liegen klar in den Sixties, doch bei den Jackets treibt der Retrosound neue Blüten. Auf Platte ist die Live-ausstrahlung der Band kaum zu reproduzieren. Das haben The Jackets begriffen und halten Studio und Konzertbühne auseinander. Diesmal sind sie dem perfekten Garage-Album wieder etwas nähergekommen. Schliesslich konnten sie auf die Freunde der Garage-Community zählen: An den Aufnahmereglern sass Nene Beretta, produziert wurde das Album vom kanadischen Garage-Produzenten King Khan, für das Finish sorgte der US-Amerikaner Jim Diamond, den man von den White Stripes her kennt. Kein Wunder, dass der Sound stimmt. Mit dem Single-Track «Steam Queen» und dem wavigen «Losers Lullaby» finden sich auch ein paar richtig gute Songs auf dem Album. Was hier aber vor allem zählt, ist die Attitüde, und da braucht das Trio keine Vergleiche zu scheuen. Am Donnerstag taufen The Jackets ihr Album in der Rössli-Bar. Und bald sind sie in Europa unterwegs. (Samuel Mumenthaler)

the void report (USA)
Swiss garage-rock trio, The Jackets, deliver their fourth full-length album, Queen of the Pill. Having received acclaim from legends like Alice Cooper and Los Angeles DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, the band has plenty of hype to justify with this release. With three previous albums and European and North American tours under their belt, the band is poised to make more noise throughout the underground with a sound that is pure rock n’ roll, stained by punk and psychedelia. Singer/guitarist Jackie Brutsche, bassist Samuel Schmidiger, and drummer Chris Rosales form a tight unit that never overextends themselves individually, but comes together in perfect doses of restraint and overdrive. Brutsche delivers fuzzed-out guitar leads on tracks like “What About You,” “Move On,” and the title-track, and clean, almost surf-guitar leads on “Steam Queen” and “Don’t Leave Me Alone.” Schmidiger serves up some particularly thick bass lines on the title-track and “What About You,” while Rosales rests firmly in the pocket and/or delivers some rollicking, dance-y beats throughout. A number of tracks sound like they’re inspired by the proto-punk of the Sonics or the Stooges (“Dreamer,” “Loser’s Lullaby”), while others reach back further in rock history, mining an almost 60’s vibe (“Steam Queen”). The garage rock moniker aptly fits when considering the fuzzy guitars heard on “What About You,” “Move On,” and “Be Myself,” but proving they’re no one dimensional band, “Floating Alice” slows things down with a trippy, middle-eastern sounding slow dance. Throughout, the band shows they have sharp pop-sensibilities. Tracks like “What About You” and “Loser’s Lullaby” are quite catchy and the backing harmonies on “Move On,” “Dreamer,” and “Deeper Way” show the band owes as much to the Beach Boy’s as the MC5. Simply put, Queen of the Pill is a fun album. But, if you stick with it long enough to peel back the layers, you’ll discover there’s more to the songs than the buzzing guitars and charming vocals and backing harmonies. Such as the deceptively titled “Be Myself,” where Brutsche sings “I don’t wanna be myself, I don’t wanna be myself.” There’s a nice tug of war between confident and vulnerable that gives these 10 songs more substance than you might glean on the first listen. While there’s a certain darkness to some of the songs, dawn remains on the horizon. Queen of the Pill is recommended to all who call themselves “punk” or for those who relish unsullied rock n’ roll. Clearly, the band know’s its history and that knowledge comes through in spades on this inspired collection of songs. – J. Kevin Lynch

Queen of the Pill is The Jackets fourth album, and to be honest, my first time hearing this band; probably because they’re from Switzerland. There’s a good chance they’re going to be one of your new favorite bands. Stooges and Sonics inspired, fuzzy ass, female fronted garage rock. Some of the vocal melodies remind me of Jay Reatard, and it gives me chills whenever it happens. This band could fit equally well at a punk show, or as main support for a rock band like the White Stripes. The record was produced by one of my garage rock favorites, King Khan, and you can hear his influence on the record. Every song is a snotty, respectable pop hit, something you so rarely get one of; let alone an album filled with 10. There isn’t a weakness on this album. The songwriting is top notch. The vocals are ghostly, yet cut through even the hardest of distorted guitars. The guitar tone is so perfectly fuzzy and warm, it must have been recorded in a suburban garage in the 1960s. The bass player gets a gold star, he starts walking on the first track and doesn’t stop until the record’s over. The drummer is stellar as well, he knows exactly when to hang in the back, and when to lead. Simple heavy fills are exactly what garage rock like this requires. The stand out track to me was “Steam Queen” despite the sited singles being “Losers Lullaby” and the albums opening track “Dreamer”. Both are stellar tracks in their own right, but the chorus of “Steam Queen” is stuck in my head, right now, as I write this after listening to the album 3 times. I imagine it was tough to pick a single off an album filled with them. By the second listen I felt like I grew up with this record. It felt instantly familiar, but without ripping anyone off. Every chorus will have you singing along. This band could work for so many music fans; they’re dirty and punk enough for die hard garage snobs, and yet just poppy enough for the radio.

Gravyzine (CAN)
Wow – some serious mean fuzz happening here! Crazy wild garage punk that’ll thrill, chill and fulfill you! Produced by King Khan and mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond (White Stripes). A Swiss band, The Jackets are exciting and playful, with the best catchy tunes soaked in a dark, magnetic and mysterious, albeit hopping and upbeat vibe. With the first track, Dreamer, right off the bat you hear Jack Torera’s amazing powerful vocals, so deep and so different, which accompanies beautifully the groovy sludge fuzz fest surrounding her. What About You is total fast up-tempo revving motion with the chorus just exuding fun and pleasure all over. Steam Queen is more of a down and dirty groove tune getting situated, settling in, to the continuous fuzz onslaught. Move On feels super lively, fun lyrics, with little extra feels so slick, suave, and shiny throughout. Don’t Leave me Alone spirals deep down in the depths of darkness, with a burning unrelenting urgency while Queen of the Pill, the title track, is an insane wild mayhem of unstoppable energy and expansive parts that open up like a flower. Floating Alice is a creepy slow and quiet interlude of swanky, mesmerizing, kaleidoscopey, hypnotic, intricate jangly guitar and mellow bass and drumming. Losers Lullaby is a garage punk hip beat fun ride, that makes you feel like dancing and going nuts, containing all elements of a sexy, thrashy, fuzz laden, and a special love for the layered vocals in the last chorus. Nearing the end of the album and no winding down in sight! Deeper Way is some serious business, deep in layers, so blast this one loud. It’s like the zenith, the peak, a reckoning, moment of no return, succumbing to ultimate devilishness. Last track, Be Myself ends this feast on a positive, energetic, high, total party tune, groove.

The Jackets are a reverberating fuzz machine of psychedelic vibes and garage-punk energy, spewing sounds to which one can just as easily dance in a sweaty frenzy as lay on the floor and trip out. Each of the components in this Swiss trio is essential to its function, especially guitarist/vocalist Jackie Brutsche. And she and the boys are back with a brand-new record, ‘Queen of the Pill,’ the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Shadows of Sound.’  The band’s fourth album and second on independent Swiss label Voodoo Rhythm Records, ‘Queen of the Pill’ shows The Jackets’ determined to keep moving forward in their sonic evolution. Over the course of the ten-track listening experience, The Jackets prove themselves once again as a rock ‘n’ roll force to be reckoned with. From the distorted chords, strong bassline and lively beat of the album’s opener, “Dreamer,” to the brief, electrified closer, “Be Myself,” the album gets increasingly better, song by song. The standouts between these two points include: “What About You,” “Steam Queen,” “Floating Alice,” and “Queen of the Pill.” ‘Queen of the Pill’ was recorded by Nene Baratto (Movie Star Junkies) and King Khan, and it was mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Cambodian Space Project). The result is an undeniably high-quality record of killer songs. The Jackets look much as one would expect the makers of such music to look. All three members wear black and white retro outfits. But the image of Jackie is one that stays with you – her black hair, pale skin, red lipstick, and wild, black eye makeup. And it is said that they give quite a show. ‘Queen of the Pill’ by The Jackets is available from Voodoo Rhythm Records on vinyl and CD formats.

At long last The Jackets have released their fourth album, Queen of the Pill. It’s a brilliant record that shows off the logical evolution of the sound that made Way Out and Shadow of Sound great. Queen of the Pill boasts the raw snarl of the fuzzed out garage-punk found in Way Out and combines it with Shadow of Sound’s refined freakbeat influenced garage-psych style. However, what sets Queen of the Pill apart from the previous records is The Stooges-esque proto-punk attitude twisting with elements of King Khan & The BBQ Show’s style, which should come as no surprise since King Khan was involved in this record’s production. To sum up The Jackets, think of a nod toward the 1960s garage bands found within the grooves of Teenage Shutdown’s Target Fuzz, but fronted with the formidable presence of Alice Cooper, or the dearly departed wild man himself, Screamin Jay Hawkins. To get a taste, you could check out The Jackets ‘Be Myself’/‘Queen of the Pill’ single. But if you didn’t get the single, you’re in luck, because both tracks are on the new album. These two songs beautifully admonish the unapologetically, unbridled nature that made Way Out’s ‘Freak Out’ brilliant and arguably iconic. Beware though; these tracks are rippers that demand to be played loud enough to breathe life into the monotonous masses of living dead. From start to finish Queen of the Pill is comprised of garage-punk rippers. It starts out strong with ‘Dreamer,’ which invokes an obvious nod toward ‘Down Turn Yourself in’ from Shadow of Sound. Much like the previous record’s track, it’s a fuzz heavy punker. It’s the kind of tune that grabs ahold of its listener with a provoking sound that leaves one under a sort of spell. Other tracks in this vein are ‘Don’t Lean Me Alone’ and ‘Deeper Way,’ both of these show off The Jackets’ garage-punk excellence. ‘What About You’ launches off this feeling, with a strong bass lead and freakbeat-meets-punk sensibilities. It bears the theme of love long lost, with a former partner or even band mate. This track is a personal favourite. It demonstrates The Jackets ability to be tight with an explosive sound. ‘Floating Alice’ is the track that demonstrates a noticeable depth for The Jackets. This track embodies the essence of psychedelic exotica. Played under certain illicit circumstances, ‘Floating Alice’ would be good to listen to while submitting to hypnosis. Another fun track from Queen of the Pill is ‘Losers Lullaby.’ It’s got the kind of spunk that makes the tracks from the first three Damned albums fun. In other words, think of it as The Jackets answer to an anti-ex-partner themed punky defiance tune. Overall, this is music that fits well within The Jackets catalogue of already released material. This is a solid record. It’s the kind of music that is meant to electrify ones blood through their veins, to commit acts of depraved rock n’ roll lunacy. Unsurprisingly that’s probably why it’s a perfect fit for Voodoo Rhythm Records. If you know what’s good for you, then this record will find a home alongside your Gravedigger V and Music Machine LPs. The Jackets Queen of the Pill continues with their style of blending nostalgic 1966 garage sounds with something fresh for a new breed of mutant rock n’ rollers. I recommend that those who have not heard their previous records start with the band’s second LP, Way Out. After that dip into Shadow of Sound, and then jump head first into Queen of the Pill. You’ll be glad you did, since this is the stuff that makes life worth living.
-Nick Kuzmack (DJ Nix Beat)

Con la aparición del single 7″ en el año 2017 con las canciones Be myself y Queen of the pill, los suizos The Jackets dejaron un poso muy agradable que sabía a poco.
Con tres LP publicados, Stuck Inside (Subversiv Records, 2009), Way Out (Soundflat Records, 2012) y Shadows of Sound (Voodoo Rhythm Records, 2015), The Jackets se han ganado un puesto privilegiado dentro de la música, siendo una banda de referencia para los seguidores del Garage Music. Sus directos son incendiarios gracias a la energía y vitalidad de su música y la puesta en escena de la banda, donde su cantante y guitarrista Jack Torera (Jackie Brutsche) hipnotiza con sus movimientos en el escenario y un maquillaje que ya forma parte de la imagen de la banda, una seña de identidad que transforma los sonidos en pura esencia escénica. Queen Of The Pill (Voodoo Rhythm, 2019) mantiene toda la fuerza sonora a la que nos vienen acostumbrando y unen fuerzas con el productor King Khan de king Khan and The Shrines y a las mezclas por Jim Diamond (The Sonics, White Stripes) para conformar este álbum de 10 de canciones donde los sonidos rock and roll, garage, psicodelia, punk y el fuzz cobran mucho más que sentido a las composiciones, les dota de personalidad y expresión. The Jackets poseen un sonido potente y salvaje, pero también saben llevar ese grado de humor que tanto les caracteriza a todo lo que hacen y han vuelto para revalidar título en el panorama musical.


Little Stevens Underground Garage - Queen of the Pill was best songs of 2017
Radio-Show “Nights with Alice” (Alice Cooper about The Jackets) The Jackets, a really good Rock’n’Roll Band! I’m really proud to play a band like that, cause the just go out there and rock!“ audio clip: https://voodoorhythm.ch/images/HI_RESOLUTION_PICTURES/MP3/the%20jackets%20-%20Alicecooper.mp3

L.A. Record (Los Angeles) “Coming across like an artier version of The Cynics, singer/guitarist Jack Torera’s background as performance artist and actress injects a stark aesthetic reminiscent of the weirder moments of German expressionism and surrealism/Dadaism. The Jackets really are one of a kind.”

Rich Coffee – (Rich’s Rants and Raves, Las Vegas, Nevada) “Jackie Brutsche gives any male garage rockers more than a run for their money!“

Bananas Magazine There are two kind of bands – one that sets out to make you think, and the other that makes you think less and have a good time. The Jackets make you think and have a great time! It is inventive and distinctive! (Glynis Ward)

Anonymous Fan "Thunderous, stripped down rock and roll with overpowering hooks and a ton of attitude! The rock world is a fickle, inequitable conundrum of uncertainty that does not always reward the most talented and hard working acts. The Jackets have convinced me that they have what it takes. Will the world respond?”

Slug Magazine, 2018
- For me, it’s the long-awaited resurrection of music that is actually good and not contaminated by fast food-inspired, poppy trickery

- All together and with the proper attention, this is music that should blow away any mediocrity muddling the contemporary garage rock genre. The Jackets don’t mess about with dreamy notes. Rather, they lay bare what rock n’ roll should be taken as—sounds to provoke and move to

- The Jackets are a group that does something actually interesting with garage punk. Their sound is that of an angst-driven rebellion that propels the desperation of punk while drumming up a sense of maturity suitable for teens in their garage. (Nick Kuzmack)

Maximum Rock & Roll (San Francisco) “It’s time to dump that puritan view of what garage should sound like, The Jackets is the new standard for rock’n’roll in the 21st century.”

New Noise Magazine (USA) Their musical aesthetics parallel The Monks and The Sonics, and their live shows deliver the high-octane spirit The MC5 brought whenever they plugged in. (Matt Hutchinson)

O.X. FANZINE (GER) powerful vocals, unfussy drums, no overly grueling arrangements and powerful arangements are all that is needed for a premium garage beat record



«Queen Of The Pill» ist das vierte Werk der in Bern sesshaften Garagenrockband The Jackets um Frontfrau Jack Torera aka Jackie Brutsche (Gitarre, Gesang), die auf dem Cover aussieht, als wäre sie aus dem Stanley-Kubrick-Film «Clockwork Orange» entsprungen. Was irgendwie auch zum Sound der zehn Songs passt. Diese klingen wild, übersteuert, knarzig und abgedreht, Mann und Frau ist zuweilen gar versucht, etwas verrückt zu sagen. Und natürlich auch zur anderen Leidenschaft von Brutsche, dem Filme machen. Songs wie «Dreamer», «Move On» oder «Deeper Way» würden gut zu einem abgedrehten Sixties-Movie à la «The Trip» oder «Psych-Out» oder zu einen Spaghetti-Western («Floating Alive») passen. Der Fuzz getränkte Garagenrock des Trios, das seit 2008 existiert, haut rein das es eine wahre Freude ist. Wer auf Bands wie Count Five, The Seeds, The Sonics, aber auch auf Punkbands wie The Saints oder The Damned steht, darf nicht an «Queen Of The Pill» vorbeigehen. Überdreht gut! Und textlich gibt es mit Themen wie Identität («Dreamer»), Erwachsenenwerden («Move On»), Medikamentenmissbrauch («Queen Of The Pill»), Selbstfindung («Be Myself») und Einsamkeit («Don’t Leave Me Alone») auch noch Tiefgang.
8 out of 10 (Robert Pally)