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The Hormonauts are, for want of a better term, a rockabilly trio. Not classic, traditional rockabilly, their mix of influences makes them hard to pin down. Slap-bass, drums and guitar, a healthy dose of "oldies" in live set, but with enough of their own material and arrangements to make it something different and maybe even refreshing.
In their first release, "Hormone Hop", there are elements of surf, jazz, salsa and even ska and ragamuffin! Their live performances are always fun and their singer very rarely stays put for long in one place.
ANDY HORMONE, 30, born in Edinburgh, started young. He played trombone as a child, also in high school jazz bands. A combination of girls, punk and cigarettes made him switch to guitar-"you can smoke while playin' and anyway guitars are cool". Self taught and lost in punk, ska and rockabilly, he screamed and strummed with HC noise combo "Jerry Krishna" even supporting MDC on tour. He tried drumming with Glasgow's all-girls all-stars "the Space Kittens" but the dresses were too tight. In '93 he left for Italy and joined the Mutoid Waste Co., a group of international scrap-artists and performers with whom he still lives and works. The last 5 years have seen an album and 2 singles with extraplanetary splatter-porn vagabonds, "Spamabilly Borghetti" until he met Sasso, while singin' on the street, and Paolo they formed "The Hormonauts"...
SASSO HORMONE also 30, was born in Cesena, Italy, and also started out young, playing rockabilly double-bass. He was kidnapped by the "Rebel Cats" with who he slapped twanged and whooped for good 10 years, with 2 LP's ad some TV experience under their belts. When they finally split, Sasso played in several groups from rock to country, recording and touring with "Di Maggio Bros." (CD Rockabilly: from the boots up) also in europe with Terry Williams and Martin Ace. Literally translated, his name means "Stone Battle"; Now if that ain't a country name...
PAOLO HORMONE, born in Forli', Italy, is 36 (for now) and has been drumming since before he was born! His parents cottoned on to his existence late one night when they heard a mean bluesey shuffle coming from who-knows-where. He was the rhythmic backbone of "Rebel Cats" throughout their career and also played in various other groups, from jazz and blues to country and other genres (unmentionable, at least they belay his shadowy past). Never mind all the nasty wise-cracks about drummers, Paolo also helps Andrew tune his guitar!!