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All the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil comes THEE BUTCHERS ORCHESTRA,three young chaps who give you another view to Brazilian music, not the Sepulturametal view, more the lower-class dirty rock and roll view of one of the biggest andmost dangerous cities in the world. Having attained cult status there and in otherSouerican countries like Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, THEE BUTCHERSORCHESTRA play tours and festival there and in the United States and now theyare coming to your town. They have recorded for Estrus Records with Clayton Martim
and they recorded a new, full-length album with almighty Tim Kerr (Jack o'Fire, No Time Delegation . . . )and this album ROCKS and Live they give you everything they have...home page :http://www.voodoorhythm.com/BUTCHERS-ORCHESTRA.html
Thee Butchers' Orchestra
Marco Butcher - vox, guitar
Adriano Butcher - guitar, vox
Daniel Butcher - drums
Strange rythms, noise, exotic seasoning, difusing melodies... that's some of what you get when listening to the Brazilian three pieces, Thee Butchers' Orchestra.
Two untamed trashy guitars and raw drums providing everything you need to shake your hips and jump around endlessly.
You can find such a blend of influences in their music! From punk, old school blues to Brazilian raw beats... It's imediate, agressive and careless. Add some Latin heat to it all! Right from the jungle! It is savage rock and roll.
The band started in October 1996, 2 guitars and the drums. After 3 albuns out only in tape cassetes and a 7', they put out their first cd, Golden Hits by thee Butchers' Orchestra in 2001 (Ordinary Recs..+ Sebo 264). It was considered the best albun in Brazil and the trio, the best band of 2001 by the music press. The rawness of their alive perfomances is well registered in the 16 songs of the record. Uncooked mono rock and roll.
In Glorious Rock and Roll, their latest albun, was released in June 2002 by Ordinary Recordings/Sebo 264 (Brazil) and contains 17 killer tracks plugged in pure electricity. With songs a little deeper, the three some called Dan Kroha (Demolition Doll Rods) to produce the record, who was already used to work in and with bass-less bands and also knew the music of TBO well, once their band had toured together around Brazil. Dan definitely brought to the songs a je ne sais quoi of Detroit soul-ish rock element that added even more power to the band.
The band had a 7' EP released in November 2002, also called In Glorious Rock and Roll by Estrus Records (USA) and with 2 unreleased tracks and a different version of Break it Up, a song previously released in their last album.
The Complete B-Side Series Volume I (Short Records + Ordinary Recs.) was released in March 2003, containing 19 tracks. Some are different versions for their songs, others unreleased and the other half are their own version of rock and roll classics, such as Rolling Stones, Minor Threat, Captain BeefHeart, The Stooges among others..
Their both first albuns have just been released in one cd, Drag me Twice, in June 2003 by No Fun Records from Detroit, MI (USA).
The 7' single released by the Spanish label Butterfly Records, called South American Garage Punk, has a track from TBO called Stop Talking about Music. What About Now, their latest album, has just been released in Argentina (Rastrillo Rec.) and Brasil (Ordinary/Laja Rec.) - in April 2004. Recorded and produced by the band at Submarino Estudio with 11 tracks 100% raw rock and roll.
They have recorded an album called Stop Talking About Music and produced by Tim Kerr. It will be released in November 2004 in Europe followed by a month tour and in February 2005 in South America