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Bob Log III in his blue full-body Cannonball man suit and a face-shield wired with a headset microphone is one of the best, fastest and strangest American Delta Blues Slide Guitar player of today
Bob Log III was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. Moved to Tucson AZ and now living in MelbourneAustralia
"You take a guitar, turn it up and have a good time" in the early 90's he Formed together with Thermos Malling the incredible DOO RAG who's pioneered the whole Blues 'punk' or Even Tekkno Scene at this time, the Band Split off and Bob Log (b. Robert Reynolds III ) continued alone as the One Man Band, Touring all over the Globe North America, Europe, Japan and Australia, Mexico, and Iceland.
he acquired a kick-drum and a homemade foot cymbal which he custom-outfitted with a kick pedal of its own. These instruments, combined with his slide guitar work, distorted telephone microphone vocals, and Boom-Chik-a-Boom drum machine accompaniment, form the framework on which Bob Log constructs his songs. Log describes his on-stage setup in the song "One Man Band Boom," introducing himself to the audience as, "Bob Log the third, one-man band, Tucson, Arizona. Heyeeeh! Lemme introduce the band to ya. On cymbals, left foot. Over here on the bass drum we got right foot. Shut up! This is my left hand that does all the slide work, right hand does the pickin'. My mouth hole does most o' the talkin'. And you're looking at my finger."
In the summer of 1998, Log signed to Fat Possum to issue his solo debut, School Bus; Trike, now signed with Voodoo Rhythm Records in 2008 for 'my shit is perfect'

b. Robert Reynolds III, USA. The early twenty-first century saw quite a few musical acts experimenting with the traditional four-piece rock band set-up. One-man band Bob Log III takes this concept to extremes, handling vocals, guitar, and drums simultaneously, all while having his identity obscured by a strange mask/helmet. Originating from Tucson, Arizona, USA, Log received his first guitar at the age of 11, that led to an obsession with AC/DC, and eventually, more traditional blues artists, such as Mississippi Fred McDowell. As a result, Log began playing in several local blues rock outfits, including Doo Rag in which he performed with percussionist Thermos Malling.
It was during this period (the early to mid-90s) that Log first came up with the idea of performing as a one-man band. When Malling left the group (midway through a tour with quirky rockers Ween), Log was forced to finally go at it alone. Leaving Arizona, a visit to a thrift store in Lawrence, Kansas resulted in Log purchasing the infamous aforementioned helmet, which he affixed microphones to the inside of, resulting in the founding of his "microphone helmet'. Log began augmenting his blues rock with drum machines and other more primitive forms of percussion (such as mere foot stomps), that resulted in a recording contract with the indie label, Epitaph Records. He released 1998's School Bus and the following year's Trike before leaving the label for the more blues-based Fat Possum, for whom he recorded 2003"s Log Bomb. In addition to his own shows, Log has briefly served as a touring member for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, when the group toured with Mississippi bluesman R.L. Burnside.

TOM WAITS : "And then there's this guy named Bob Log, you ever heard of him? He's this little kid — nobody ever knows how old he is — wears a motorcycle helmet and he has a microphone inside of it and he puts the glass over the front so you can't see his face, and plays slide guitar. It's just the loudest strangest stuff you've ever heard. You don't understand one word he's saying. I like people who glue macaroni on to a piece of cardboard and paint it gold. That's what I aspire to basically."

MILTON BERLE "Hey kid.... DO what thou wilt."
ROBERT PLANT "Dear Bob, it's been ages since Sweden."
POISON IVY (The Cramps) "If you do that again, we are kicking you off the tour."
HASIL ADKINS "Woooo! Can I have your autograph?"
R.L. BURNSIDE "Sideshow, you hanging in there like a dirty shirt. I want you playing with me tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that."
FRANZ FERDINAND (Nick) "... Can I ride in your car?"
BLOWFLY "Bob Log, you play guitar by yourself, you play drums by yourself, you drive yourself, but I bet you need help to masturbate."
WEEN "Can I have one of your sandwiches?"
SHARON JONES "Bob Log, you can use my dressing room.... wait, let me get you a towel."
SHONEN KNIFE "Can we sit your knee?"
JIMMY CARL BLACK "Bob Log, I can't find the hotel."
MICK COLLINS "What was that???"
CHRISTINA SPENCER (BOSS HOG) "Can I wear your suit?... oh.. wait.. nevermind."
T-MODEL FORD "Try playing THAT mutha fucker! HEY! you sat on my sandwich!"