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From Biel Switzerland that's in between the French speaking and the german speaking part, and normaly people from this region have big problems .. so the Come n' Go guys have... they are pissed of teens did playing dirty rock'n'roll from early childhood on in such bands as Pussy Hunter, Muchos Burritos, or the still rockin: The Titty Twisters... from 2001 they desighted to play in only one band but this with even more pissed of Blues Trash and primitive rockin power and the COME N'GO where born
Two Out of Tune brain fucking disturbing Guitars, one out of his head out of control Singer and a crazy go go dancing Marina on Drums doing a totaly insane Beat... the religion is Wild Fast no Melodies Mono as Fuck Primitive trou Rawk'N'Roll/Rhythm'N'Blood Trash Blues Jungle Noise and Screams Chainsaw Guitars and Stupid Bum Tac Bum Tac Bum Tac Drums something between Gories the more wild not the pop songs of the blues explosion, the All mighty Oblivians or the Reatards.
They already toured Holland and Germany, they play a lot in Switzerland and if you have the chance to see this band then better do it today... they are the freshest export have sinse Liliput in the mid 70's

come and go live @ QKC par artabantv