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The Dead Brother's roots fetch far in musical history. They started digging their graves in 1998. Punk rock and country blues are part of their DNA. So are the stage antics of Cab Calloway, Kurt Weill's Three penny opera and the european folklore instrumental excellency. 7 Full lenght Albums where Released on Voodoo Rhythm Records ,and countless Coopertaions with TV And Movie (BBC Documentry (The Genious of Madame Curie - 2013) and theatre (Theater Basel: 3 Penny Opera) etc. Alain Croubalian the Head of the Dead Surrounded many influential musicians around him from the Swiss Underground and Folkloristic Music Scene for ages (Landstrichmusig, Patent Ochsner, Echo, d'Giigemaa), others have a foot in theater, comedy, cinema and Vaudeville (Stadt Theater Hannover, les Trois Suisses, 9 Volt Nelly) some are orchestra directors and some italo crooners,
Alain Croubalian Started his Music Career in the early 80’s with the band Les Maniacs (Stop itBaby records) in 1998 the had enough from electric music and formed the Dead Brothers the one and only Funeral Real Heavy Metal band (they had um to 5 Tubas in the band) .. and all acoustic instruments they Created the weirdest mix of Folklore and Modern Music ever came out of Switzerland
Foundet 1989 around the Singer and Wild Man Alain Croubalian, the MANIACS, early Swiss Punk and Pierre Omer more or less what_s left of a symphony orchestra after their car crashed today. some heavy metal wind instruments (Tubas, trombones and bass saxophone) a megaphone and a top hat, a nasty french accordion and some sweet lap steel country , they called themselves the Only Real Heavy Metal Band sometimes they had up to 9 Tubas on Stage doing a Bo Diddley Beat Bringing rock_n_roll back to Europe by exploring the musical roots that led to it_s birth or what would the european music that led to rock_n_roll, sound like today?
They make Satie rhyme with Birthday Party, and the Saints singing Besame Mucho. They_re a macabre rock_n_roll party and an old fashioned wedding at the same time. Need your sense of humour when they stage gruesome deaths singing Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers. Poison Ivy of the Cramps wrote they liked their rendering of Human Fly. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Tom Waits loved their records. Thomas Wydler of the Bad Seeds says their Tod Von Basel penned in the 16th century sounds pretty nasty.
Toured tons with Bob Log III and England with T-Model Ford the tale dragger from Greenville, and they know personally the Reverend Beat-man himself. They are fans of The Kift, famous dutch surrealist jazz family. The Dead Brothers sing blues tunes out of ancient Europe (Totentanz) and famous cajun-core french swingh from Bombay. They_ve been called _the best funeral orchestra along with tubas and electric guitar_ and _the most bizarre act to have appeared in Europe_. Felt at home in Russia, but go as much as possible to the swiss mountains. Some say they are paradoxal. Difficult to get along with. Try good food.

They started staging a travelling doctor selling some potion from table to table, storming cafis with the well-named Cirque Electrique. They wrote a musical about ...death played on a boat during the swiss national exhibition in 2002, _Day of the Dead_ featured Eleni Mandell, DJ Khan, Reverend Beatman and the whole dead family.

After _Dead Music for Dead Poeple_ and _Day of the Dead_, the third Dead Brothers_ record is the soundtrack to the movie _Flammend_ Herz_ , which is about old german men covered with tattoos. It was recorded in the backstage of theaters in Switzerland, and an old swiss-german radio station. In Theater too, they got hired to sing songs about death in plays directed by Meret Matter at the Schauspielhaus in Zurich, then under Christoph Marthaler_s direction.
Look forward to play Brecht and Weil_s Four Penny Opera at the Basler Opera under the direction of Lars Ole Warburg.
You can hire us for circus acts, and bar-mitsvah_s, with the dead brothers every concert turns out to be a surprise. Some hate it. But again, they do funerals, not birthday parties.

in 2010 a New Dead Brothers Area Begun, Changing into a DEATH FUNERAL STRING ORCHESTRA , with only Strings, the Band Turned into wild open again after several Member changes and Still Do what they do best Weird Necromantic Wild and Bizarre Java jazz Blues Oriental Exotica

many mussisians involved in the Dead Brothers so far such as: Pierre Omer , Jean-Philippe Geiser, Fred Schmutz ,Denis Schuler, Dlaney Davidson, Christoph Gantert, Barbara Bagnoud, Olli Franz, Julien Israelian, Zoe Capon ,Axel Jansen, Holger Stehen, Resli Burri (padent ochsner), Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Alain Porchet, Yves Massy, Marcel Salesse, Morback, Matthias Lincke, Alain Meyer ,DJ Scratchy (the clash), magot Flück ( zeno tornado) Stefan Baumann , Patrick Kessler, Balts Dead Nill (Stiller Haas)

Dead Alain Croubalian: vox, guitars, tenor banjo and piano
Dead Jane Mumford: pauke, toms, broken stuff and shakers
Dead Andrea Kirchhofer: violin
Dead Dide Marfurt: emmentaler halszither, cornemuse suisse et guitare électrique
Dead Matthias Lincke: violin, mandoline and choir direction
Dead Tobi Zwyer: tuba and accordion
Dead Leon Schaetti: helicon et cornet à piston de poche
Dead Sandro Tajouri: pauke, bendir and kleine trommel
Dead Resli Burri: harmonium portable, positif, wurlitzer, piano droit et choir direction
Dead Bertrand Siffert : piano droit on Baron Samedi
Dead Rodolphe Burger: Gainsbarre voice on Papillons Noirs

THE DEAD BROTHERS - day of the dead



1. Walzer
2. Closer to you
3. Esclavo Triste
4. The angel of death
5. Plaisir d'amour
6. pout the bottle back on the table
7. Human Fly
8. Entre chien et Loup
9. Goldbrunbrunnen Platz
10. La Paloma
11.der Tod von Basel
12. Things you hide
13. St.James Infirmary Blues
14. How deep is the water?
THE DEAD BROTHERS 'day of the dead'
LP: VR1212 EAN-CODE: 7640111760184
CD: VRCD12 EAN-CODE: 7640111768166

The one and only funeral orchestra along with Tuba and Top Hat, Banjo and Drums and guitar, 1 jear after the first release (dead music for dead people VR1205/VRCD05,Voodoo Rhythm records) and Touring Europe up and down and apearing is such festivals as : Dour, Roskilde, Jazz Festival Montreux and doing several funerals... here they are back from the grave with another Wax and CD Smash hit, even more mixed up stuff songs about the dead in general about going to die and about suicida and lost love lots of French java stuff Cajun Polka Blues Country and and and.. and here the amazing Funeral Tuba overdose version of the Cramps hit 'Human Fly !!!!!!!
BUY AND DIE !!!!!!!!!

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THE DEAD BROTHERS - 5th sin-phonie



1. Drunkards Walk
2. Death Blues
3. The Story it's Always the Same
4. The Power a Secret Holds
5. Bela Lugosi's Dead
6. Tic Tac
7. Drunkards Dream
8. I am all I got
9. Langenthal
10. Exotic Odyssey
11. Policeman
12. Teenage Kicks
13. How Deep is the Water
THE DEAD BROTHERS '5th sin-phonie'
LP: VR1261 EAN-CODE: 7640111769798
CD: VRCD61 EAN-CODE: 7640111769743

1998 the Dead Brothers started in Geneva Switzerland a Whole New Music Area. They mixed Gipsy Music with Blues Rock’n’Roll and Delinquent Jazz. They called themselves the Only Real Heavy Metal Band, sometimes they had up to 9 tubas on stage doing a Bo Diddley Beat. Now after 18 years and 4 full length albums, tours around the globe ( with T-Model Ford, Bob Log III, Reverend Beat-Man), appearances in operas, personal tsunami changes, movie soundtracks, they opening the door to another area of the weird necromantic wild and bizarre world from Dead Alain Croubalian and his one and only Death Blues Funeral String Orchestra.
A lot of the tracks where recorded in a barn in the Swiss mountains. The songs are mostly originals incl. the amazing “Death Blues” and “The power a secret holds”, except Undertones punk rock hymn “Teenage Kicks” and the Bauhaus necro new wave classic “Bella Lugosi’s Dead”. New as well is the song writing aspect. Most of the the lyrics are co. written by Marc A. Littler (Mr. Slowboat Films) so be WELCOME TO THE DARKSIDE and to the Obscure Cabinet of the AMAZING DEAD BROTHERS

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THE DEAD BROTHERS - black moose


THE DEAD BROTHERS 'black moose'
LP: VR1285 EAN-CODE: 7640148980449
CD: VRCD85 EAN-CODE: 7640148980524
MC: VRMC85 EAN-CODE: 7640148982207

After the Foundation in 1989 and the Commercial Breakthrough with 'WUNDERKAMMER' (2006) and a dramatic Change in 2010 (5th SIN-PHONIE) with the probably world Darkest and most Deadly Funeral String Orchestra the World has seen , the DEAD BROTHERS ,around Puppet Master of Disaster and Nr1 Swiss-Armenian Madman Alain Croubalian took another Step into the Unexpected Wonderland of Exotica Dark Country Folk and Deadly Strings with some rotten Back pipes and Recorded at the Famous OUTSIDE INSIDE STUDIOS in Italy a Album that takes you into the World of the BLACK MOOSE , a mystical Creature that has been there before the dawn of man a Creature that has witnessed the demise of millenia of civilizations and that is perhaps the driving force behind our perpetual fall into the proverbial dark night of the soul. a trueblues clash with Swiss psycho folklore and medieval troubadours high on ayahuasca. Black Moose is a romantic record - romantic in the darkest sense possible, a record that sheds new light on the ancient notion that all beauty emerges out of pain. Where does Friedrich Nietzsche meet central American revolutionaries and criminal bards drinking pisco sours made of kerosene with the devil himself

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THE DEAD BROTHERS - dead music for dead people



1. dead brothers stomp
2. I've always know
3. farmer boy
4. besame mucho
5. roger
6. she collects postcards
7. banjo villa...
8. I'm crying
9. hora
10. allons aux paquis
11. somewhere between...
12. buy it
13. good time religion
14. orally
15. ramblin man
THE DEAD BROTHERS ,Dead Music for Dead People'
LP: VR1205 ( EAN CODE : 7640111760245)
CD: VRCD05 (EAN CODE: 7640111767206)

one of the most bizarre and acts out of Switzerland, they are actually a funeral orchestra !!!
they do the Dirty Blues the Cajun Polka, and do a freak show live on stage, on this their 1st record they play Hank Williams 'ramblin man' with Tuba!! as well the animals classic: I'm crying... and lots of their own songs what is a ultra Crazy Mixture of Low Down Tuba Rock'n'roll, Gipsy polka Blues Trash French Cabaret and finest Django Reinhard Jazz.. and on top western and Country....
But the best thing on this record is that they give a damn about proper Hi Fidelity recordings and wend Back to the Roots with the recordings.. and recorded the Whole Album with only ONE MIKE !!! don't be scared now.. it's not sounding like shit or Trash..it's all here and they are perfect mussisans and how they did it..the whole album has a fantastic Near Warm Charme
anyway if you or your one of your friend should die call up those guys... they play together with T-Model Ford, the blues explosion.. better buy this record now!!

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THE DEAD BROTHERS - flammend herz



Side One
1. Time has gone
2. Things you hide
3. Am I to be the one 4. Geistzug
5. Swing 48 radio
6. Roadworker blues
7. Hund und Wölfe
8. Good time religion
9. Tatoo java

Side Two
1. Never sang the blues
2. Nunca le cantado el Blues
3. Der Wald
4. The Mole
5. Tod von Basel
6. The Wind i de Wide
7. Volé mon traîneau
8. Mai lo cantato il blues
9. Lulu's back in town
10. Tatoo java
THE DEAD BROTHERS 'flammend herz'
LP: VR1221  (EAN CODE: 7640111760092)
CD: VRCD21 (EAN CODE : 7640111760337)

This is a film soundtrack for the Movie 'Flammend Herz' by Andrea Schuler and Oliver Ruts...
ADocumentary about the Germanys oldest Tattoo Parlor and his owner Herbert Hoffmann who is a legend him self...
Now 85 years old and his friend who are both 90 years old are from the head to the foot full on tattooed and every tattoo tells a more unique story...
The music to the movie is all instrumental with elements of easy listening to country 30's Jazz Django Reinhardt style over to blues and Sicilian funeral music...
The Dead Brothers shows us again how bright their spectrum is and how great this music is... This is funeral music at its best!!!!
The LP comes with a printed inner sleeve and the CD is in a Digi Pack with a little booklet with pictures from the movie and the band.
Cover artwork was made by Laura Satana, a tattoo artist from Paris.


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the DEAD BROTHERS - wunderkammer



1. trust in me 3:45
2. old pine box 3 :05
3. greek swing 2:25
4. I can't get enough 2:34
5. Mustafa 2:44
6. Just a hole 5 :24
7. Am I to be the one 3:35
8. Time has gone 4:19
9. marlene 3:33
10. The storry of woody and bush 2:21
11. Fred 5:04
THE DEAD BROTHERS 'wunderkammer'
LP: VR1231 EAN-CODE: 7640111767121
CD: VRCD31 EAN-CODE: 7640111767114

and it's the White Album for Voodoo Rhythm as well... the Dead Brothers origin from Geneva in Switzerland mix up gipsy music with swing Django Gipsy jazz Rock'n'Roll and Country and and and . just a crazy mixture of every thing and played in a strange weird way...
Something like 7 years ago the Dead Brothers starting going on this Funeral Orchestra Mission and I started to put out their records. With the first record 'Dead Music for Dead People' everybody was shocked but the Stone started to Roll then the second Record 'day of the dead' was a bit a strange record but people started to open their ears and on the 3rd record they did a movie soundtrack for the Tattoo Legend Herbert Hofmann 'flamend herz' who had not one vocal track on it.... And now in those 7 years it went up and down like a rollercoaster they went to Heaven and they went to Hell as well they almost split up then they did another European tour ,played Jazz Festifal Montreux, did England a several times and and and... then they went to Bob Drake a American Country Outsider who has a farm in the South of France and he records with his primitive Equipment the new Album of the DEAD BROTHERS and this Record is the Shit, it's incredible how they worked together and for the first time in Band history you hear the Characters of the Whole band and believe me they are strange characters...

But anyway this is THEE Dead Brothers Album at the Moment and with TRUST IN ME they even have a 'real' Hit Song on it.. on Greek Swing you here Pierre's fantastic Guitar playing and on Time has Gone Delany's ultra desperate Voice.. Fred is a Homage on Fred Stutz their former Tuba Player.. and on every Song is the Fucked up and Schizophrenic vocals of Dead Alain and the incredible Trumpet of Christoph Garnert


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