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The Guilty Hearts will blow your brains with such a swamp, fuzz noise that even zombies won't touch them when they're finished with you. If you want music that intoxicates the body like some smashed up voodoo ritual electrified in the lab of Dr. Frankenstein, himself, then you've come to the right place! Don't be fooled, their hearts might be guilty but the booze in their veins leaves them howlin' in the moon. The Guilty Hearts are Leon Catfish, Edgar Rodriguez and Hermann K. Senac signed to the wonderful Voodoo Rhythm records.
What are some of your guys' main influences, musical or otherwise?
Edgar: Oblivians, The Gun Club, The Cheater Slicks, Billy Childish, Mick Collins.
Making mortal errors and living to tell about it...spending all your money at a show...being honest.
Leon: Personally, it's a mix between all the bands I love to listen to and the things that go on in my life. A lot have to do with drinking and girls and going insane, but what rock 'n' roll song strays far from that anyways? "Life is Rhythm", I always say.
Herman: ...too many to mention. Can't, it boggles the mind
Where are you guys from, and how has that affected your music, if at all?
Edgar: I grew up in City Terrace, East LA to the uninitiated. It made me dive headfirst into music. It's what saved me from a different life.
Leon: We were all raised in some part of East L.A., and fortunately, it didn't grasp our necks and make us into hip-hop lovin' homeboys. I think the city itself has an effect on everyone that breathes its dirty air, we choose to see it our own way.
What made you guys first decide to start The Guilty Hearts? And how long have you been together for?
Edgar: Leon and I were in The Rippers together...it was fun, the band smoked! But it wasn't what we wanted sound wise. So we started messing around with new sounds, and a few friends. The next thing I knew, I was quitting the Rippers to start a new band, and Leon came with me. We eventually found Herman, with a punk rock pedigree which we didn't know about, and then realized. It's going to be 4 years in September.
Herman: Cause we were bored to death

Interview by: Christine Dunleavy