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the Story

Picking up where the Miracle Workers' classic Inside Out left off, former members Gerry Mohr and Robert Butler,himself also the founder of garage legends the Untold Fables,have promised to ignore all the modern trends and bring to the world the most fuzzed-out psychedelic/garage trio yet: the GET LOST!
After the Workers ended in the early 90s Butler moved to Switzerland and played with bassist Kat Aellen in the heavy psych group "Bishops Daughter" and garage beat-band "The In-Sekt." Throughout the 90s they also produced and engineered recordings for dozens of bands wanting their trademark hard-hitting sound, including a number of releases on the highly-respected Voodoo Rhythm label. With Voodoo Rhythm chief Lightning Beat-Man, they shocked and sickened audiences across Europe in the legendary spectacle/ritual/show/circus, the Bad Taste Rock'n'Roll Revue.
Meanwhile, former Miracle Workers vocalist Gerry Mohr was singing under the name "Malcolm Crowne" for the American psych supergroup the Cavemanish Boys, whose album was released in 1999. Mohr moved to Switzerland in the summer of 2000, and during a casual jam-session the three realized there was unfinished business at hand. They resolved to form a new band, one which would put to work all they had learned in their years of writing, performing and producing the world's greatest psych and beat music.
Believing that only the loudest and most savage rhythms could compliment the howling fuzz of their songs, it was decided that Chris Rosales, also an American ex-patriot and drummer well-known around Switzerland and elsewhere for his pounding with Lightning Beat-man's group, "The Nerver Heard Of 'Ems," The "In-Sekt", "Les Super Supers soul revue", and currently with The Reverend Beat-man's band, would be offered the chance to regularly destroy his drums on-stage with The Get Lost.
After signing a lucrative deal with Voodoo Rhythm Records in 2001, the band flew to London to record their debut waxing, "Never Come Back". The trademark "vintage" sounds from producer Liam Watson's Toe Rag studios proved a perfect match for the Get Lost's dynamic rock'n'roll attack.
In the fall of 2001 Bassist Kat Aellen left the band to devote more time to her new band the Mad Cow Girls. A few months later with Butler now on bass, the Get Lost emerged as a three piece ready to head out on the road for thier first tour of Europe planned in Spring of 2002.

the Band:

Gerry Mohr (guitar/vox)
Robert Butler (guitar/vox)
Chris Rosales (drums/vox)