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1.Snake Pit
2.Fiery Eyes
3.Close My Eyes
4.Restin' On My Laurels
5.Ain't Nobody Else
6.Catch Some Rays
7.Big Game Hunter
8.You Done This
9.Get OutMyself
10.When You Do The Things You Do
11.Slip Bone Slam
12. Bitter 'n' Twisted

"snake pit"

LP: VR1217 (EAN-CODE: 7640148980067)
CD: VRCD17  (EAN-CODE: 7640148980159)


What can we say about this band? No other than it features three of Britain's most prominent and talented rock 'n' roll musicians, whose individual histories take in the best British Garage, Surf, Trash, Rock n Roll, Punk etc. bands of the last 20 years. Bandleader, guitarist and vocalist, Sir Bald has been described as 'The UK string king'(Kicks Magazine-Norton Records-US); in reference to his deranged Dick Dale-Link Wray surf guitar antics, He also plays with 'The Snags' (freaked out garage punk) and 'The Plus 4' (ska, rnb, funk etc. with Nass 'Big Boss Man' Bouzida). He is 'Britain's Best Kept Secret' according to Maximum RnR (USA). He has recently been playing with Holly Golightly (as heard on White Stripes 'Elephant' album). On slap bass is John 'Lard' Gibbs. He was a founding member of Scottish beat legends 'The Kaisers' and also plays with Holly Golightly and rhythm 'n' punk racketeers 'The Wildebeests'. Drummer, Bruce 'bash' Brand has been in more bands that you've had hot dinners! They include Milkshakes and Headcoats (both with Billy Childish), Masonics, Dutronc, Holly Golightly, Len Bright Combo (with Wreckless Eric), Dutronc, Clique and even played half the instruments on a Link Wray album. Needless to say their own brand of rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and blues is pretty darned hot! Their set consists mainly of original compositions. However, if asked nicely and plied with beer they may play some Garage Punk, Link Wray, Frat Rock or Rock n Roll covers, probably swapping instruments and definitely having a bloody good laugh. Influences include Gene Vincent, JohNny Burnette , Johnny Kidd, Link Wray, Benny Joy, Charlie Feathers, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, Junior Parker and Johnny Cash.
Recorded at the amazing Toe Rag Studios/ London by Sir Liam Watson



In dieser Band ist alles vereint was Rang und Namen in der Englischen Neo Garage Rockabilly und Beat Szene hat.. Allem voran SIR BALD DIDDLEY (the man with the golden guitar) der diese Truppe 1999 um sich formierte, eine Legende für sich mit zahlreichen Veröffentlichungen und Touren.. Dann JOHN GIBBS von der wohl besten Neo -Beat -Band ever, den KAISERS. Als dritter im Bund BRUCE BRAND, der wahrscheinlich in mehr Bands spielte als manch einer Haare auf dem Kopf hat. Bruce zählt als einer der Gründer der punk/beat Bewegung um 1977 herum in London... ...spielte bei den legendären Pop Rivets, Milkshakes und Headcoats (mit Billy Childish), Masonics, Holly Golightly, Len Bright Combo (mit Wreckless Eric), Dutronc, Clique, und auf einem Link Wray Album die Hälfte aller Instrumente.
Zusammen machen sie einen irrsinnigen Mix aus allem was sie lieben und kennen: Beat, Garage Rockabilly, Swamp Blues und so weiter...
Live eine Party Band par exelent. Denn wichtig ist: ROCK'N'ROLL muss Spass machen und
abgehen, und das meistens bis in die späte Nacht hinein.. Sicher, HipBone Slim ist LIVE-Musik; die aber auch auf Platte die entsprechende Atmosphäre schafft.
„Have Knees, will tremble"ist im Londoner TOE RAG Studio (Flaming Stars, White Stripes, etc.) aufgenommen worden. Als Gastmusiker sind u.a. Holly Golightly und Micky Hampshire vertreten...


the drumer from the Headcoats is what caught my attention. Teh sound convinced me to this one.Blues with a Voodoo Feel meets early Rock. The vocals have a distant sound to them. There's a very mellow feel to the whole sound, but the guitars are what keep it strong.Vocalsmake me think of Ricky Nelson if he's been a very dirty boy growing up.Lately, this has been the perfect wind-down music after a long day home for me.- megan

UUHHHH- what a record, Sir Bald Diddley-bruce brand and john gibbs together HEHE i hear you screamin 60's beat and surf music, NNOOOOO, best rockabilly and rockin blues that's it !!! just lissent to songs like "snake pit" (rocker) Fiery Eyes (classic Rockabilly) Big Game Hunter (that's 50's pure ) or bitter twisted(pure rockin blues) just to name the absolute pearls of htis album, and you'll realice that Hipbone Slim and the knee tremblers are a fantastic rockin band, ABSOLUTE WINNER !!! and also a winneris the artwork!! BRILLIANT !! there's nothing to say- just buy this album-it's avalable in vinyl format as well

Great Rockabilly release from these up and comers. No hundred mile a minute psychobilly mayhem, just old time rock'n'roll like the old folks use to bop to. this recording also manages to capture the spirit of the time,like it was recorded live in some gritty, chicken fenced gin mill in tennessee .it also boats great digi pack artwork to boot,with loads of trashy film noir imagery and volup-tuous gals A winner !!... jack

With ex-Headcoats Bruce Brand on drums and the recordings done by Liam Watson in the legendary London's Toe Rag Studio there's no way you can't go wrong, right? AbsoFUCKINlutely right, ho daddy-o! Hipbone Slim aka Sir Bald Diddley deliver 12 wonderfully bluesy swampbilly trash tunes of very high standard, there's not a weak track in sight. John Gibbs of The Kaisers provides the groovy slapbass antics on this excellent debut album, let's hope for many more in the future.

Members of Brit garage gators Thee Milkshakes, Wildebeests, Snags, and Mighty Caesars, among others, get together for this three man rock n' roll sock n' shlock hop. Shades of Gene Vincent, the Stray Cats, and all manner of good time, hollow body guitar rock shine through on this infectiously bouncy record. If bubbles started pouring out of the speakers, and if Stacey started doing the Pony in bobby sox while this was playing, I would not be surprised. Well, maybe surprised, but certainly not shocked. They dip their toes into a little surf action here and there, as in the ginchy "Catch Some Rays", and "When You Do the Things You Do" is almost crooner pop, but it's all rock and roll, baby. The crazy thing is... I mean, this was recorded last year, right? You'd never know. There is nothing here that couldn't have happened 45 years ago, which makes this probably the most authentically retro early R n'R record I've heard. Slightly spooky, but a fun record, nonetheless.

Hipbone Slim & The Knee Trembers play dark, edgy Rockabilly and Swamp Rock 'n' Roll. 'Snake Pit' is atmospheric and eerie, but there's no denying that it rocks, rolls, bops and shakes too! Played as a stripped down slap-bass three-piece, it is best described as 50's Rockabilly with a dark Psychobilly twist. Excellent and original.

UK trio consisting of members MILKSHAKES/HEADCOATS, KAISERS & SIR BALD DIDDLEY & HIS WIG-OUTS producing a hot mixture of desperate rock & roll, furious rockabilly & stompin' swamp blues. Debut LP.