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THE PUSSYWARMERS, from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland bring you a scurrile mixture with music from the Dope n Glory Jazz area in the mid 1920's they could easy be the TITANIC Dance Orchestra for their last ride in 1912, they even call themselves a LITTLE FREAK CIRCUS ORCHESTRA ... and actually that's what they are with horns, upright bass banjo and many more accustic instruments ..... ‚ASHES' ‚MY TIME HAS GONE' or ‚DOUNATS' are definitely some 'hit' songs with a big: OH DAMIT I REMEMBER THAT SHIT AND IT STUCK IN MY EAR THE WHOLE DAY" songs like BATEAU' or the incredible ‚AU REVOIR MADAME' have a strange weird dusty n wild character and bring out the fantastic trumpet playing of ex Dead Brother Christoph Gantert ... everything's recorded at the faboulous OUTSIDE INSIDE STUDIOS in Venice Italy