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Bad Mojos - i hope you OD


1.diggin' my own grave
2.baby i'm doomed
3.i wanna be dead
4.i hate
5.commit a crime
6.police car
7.i hope you OD
8.too drunk
9.out of control
10.everybody hates me

Bad Mojos "i hope you OD"
LP: VR12111 (EAN CODE: 7640148982887)
CD: VRCD111 (EAN CODE: 7640148982894)
MC: VRMC111 (EAN CODE: 7640148982900)

Date of Release: Dec 21.2018

Straight in your Face Pure Swiss '77 Punk Rock Raw Fresh Wild Young Fast Loud and Distorted to the Edge and 186% Out of Control

BAD MOJOS from the beautiful Rural Mountain Town THUN in the canton of Berne,SWITZERLAND where the cows Shit freely and Stink Happily in their beautiful landscape, 3 youngsters formed a PUNK ROCK Band via SMS with the intention of producing 185% Fist in your Face punk rock, Away from Sincerity or Arty Farty conservative Music and this what you are holding in your hands: punk with a lot of TRASH & ROCK'N'ROLL and No-Border Attitude, they say their influences are GG ALLIN (the most hated man in the Rock'n'Roll circus) and Mahatma Ghandi (most loved one on this planet) For the recordings we sent them to the south of France to give them into the hands of Lo Spider (SWAMP LAND STUDIOS) to recorded one of the most trashy rawest swiss punk albums of the modern time, unfortunately it is far away from radio capability and it hurts while listen very much.
Switzerland's not a place for UNDERGROUND music you may think but we'll show you differently, Switzerland had the most powerful banks in the world, inventors of the RED CROSS but export weapons to war zones, the richest people in the world live here .. so you can say that Switzerland is the only country in the world where it is legitimate to form a punk rock band to make up for it, from Bern and surrounding areas come the probably craziest and most underrated bands in Switzerland (the Jackets, Grauzone, THE MONSTERS, Lightning Beat -Man, GLUEAMS, Eigernordwand etc) We are very proud to present to you the new generation their first full length album after some 7 's on No Front Teeth Records (UK) and Kink Records (DE)



BAD MOJOS aus dem schönen Ländlichen Thun im Kanton Bern der Schweiz wo die kühe noch fröhlich in ihre freie Landschaft scheissen haben sich 3 Jungs per SMS im Jahr 2015 zu einer Punk Gruppe zusammen getan mit der Absicht 185%igen schlag ins Gesicht Punk Rock zu spielen, fernweg von Ernsthaftigkeit oder Kunst Arty Farty Spießer Musik, das ist Punk mit viel Trashigem Rock'n'Roll und ohne Grenzen, sie sagen ihre Einflüsse sind GG Allin (the most hated man in the Rock'n'Roll circus) und Mahatma Ghandi (most loved man on this planet)
Für die Aufnahmen haben wir sie in den Süden Frankreichs geschickt um sie in die Hände von Lo Spider (Swamp Land Studios) zu geben und haben eines der trashigsten rausten Schweizer Punk Album der Neuzeit eingespielt, es ist leider fern weg von Radio Tauglichkeit und schmerzt beim doch hören sehr.
die Schweiz kein Ort für Underground Musik denkst du, aber wir zeigen dir's anders, die Schweiz hatt die mächtigsten Banken der Welt, Erfinder des roteen kreuzes aber exportiert handkehrum Waffen in Kriegsgebiete, die reichsten Menschen der Welt leben hier .. somit kann man sagen die Schweiz ist das einzige land der Welt wo es legitim ist eine Punk Rock band zu gründen um dem einen Ausgleich zu schaffen, aus Bern und Umgebung kommen die wahrscheinlich verrücktesten und am meisten unterschätzten Bands der Schweiz (the Jackets, Grauzone, the Monsters, Lightning Beat-Man, Glueams, Eigernordwand etc)
Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, euch die neue Generation zu präsentieren ihr erstes Album in voller Länge nach einigen 7 's auf No Front Teeth Records (UK) und Kink Records (DE)


If there’s one thing going for Bad Mojos, they’re the blemish on the refined, cultural aesthetic Switzerland holds in the public perception. A country that’s known for its neutralism, awe-inspiring landscapes, precision watches (along with timekeeping in general), a restigious banking system, the Red Cross, and world-class Confectionary is unlikely to publicize its swelling underground punk scene, a scene that’s opposite to the bougie aesthetic the country presents itself to the world and has done for some time now. NEWS FLASH! Where there’s beauty, there’s also a seedy side, and usually, its a little more interesting than what’s on the surface. Bad Mojos is this and so much more (in the making at least)! These three come from a small town called Thun, a picturesque city in the canton of Bern, secluded by the majestic Alps and situated on the banks of the crystal blue Lake Thun. In some weird, fucked up scenario, a town like would be the last place to catch three ski-masked mongoloids playing the raw, basic punk rock in its most primitive form. Thun, in all its conservative outlook, would not tolerate this. There is no place for such heathen music in our quarters!  Or is there?
Apparently so; these three are here in full force with their first full-length of “hits,” or them telling it like iss with song titles outlining what must be a typical weekday for these guys. Yes, there is no cathartic expression or motif in I Hope You OD, only a knee-jerk reaction sound, and from the likes of it, this isn’t a band that cares for the broader context of things. I Hope You OD is ten tracks of buzzsaw, three-chord punk rock that’s highly reminiscent to what The Spits and The Ramones have cut a career doing. Basic. Raw. Unhinged. Mongoloid Rock. That’s a compliment as well; keeping it simple (stupid) is vastly underrated.
Clocking in at close to 20 minutes, this is more than enough time for a distracted and fidgety brat to grasp their noise while being on their phone the whole time. When stacked against their past recordings, I Hope You OD‘s production is more refined than their previous EPs in part due to their being paired with garage punk maestro Lo-Spider, helming the job to add some shine to their frenzied, lo-fi garage punk. Wait, what about the album? What about it? It’s as primitive and furious-sounding as its title implies. What else can be said about taking the description in paragraph two and applying it to such track titles like “Baby, I’m Doomed,” “Police Car,” ‘I Hate,” “Too Drunk,” and more! Every track on this release is as bare-bones punk rock as it can get, and that’s refreshing (again, keep it simple)! “Commit A Crime” is the only upbeat-sounding track on the album; it even has a guitar solo, and the most anthemic-sounding piece is the concluding fist-pumper “Everybody Hates Me.” Rage on boys, and you as well.

Bad Mojos are the Spits influenced lo-fi garage punks from Bern, Switzerland, who formed in 2015 and who've appeared on here a couple of times previously. They return today with a song from their upcoming debut album, it's titled I Hope You OD and it'll be out on Voodoo Rhythm Records on December 21st The band are a trio and line up with Jean Of Death (bass/backing vocals), Julio Blanco (drums/vocals) and Saint Martin (guitar/backing vocals). The album will consist if 10 tracks, song titles include Commit A Crime, I Wanna Be Dead, Everybody Hates Me and the titular I Hope You OD. It sounds as though it's gonna be great fun (in a bad taste kinda way). This is the first video from the album, happily their sound doesn't appear to have changed much over the years, it's still catchy as hell and leaves me gagging to hear the full lp. This is Police Car...

musica inclasificable (BR)
Desde su concepción en 1992, el sello suizo Voodoo Rhythm Records se ha caracterizado por impulsar agrupaciones de todo el mundo y de los más diversos estilos, aunque el punk siempre ha tenido un lugar especial. No es gratuito que el slogan de la disquera sea: Music to Ruin Any Party. De esta manera, el lanzamiento más reciente de la compañía fundada por el Reverend Beat-Man es el LP debut de Bad Mojos, un trío adorador del estilo de vida salvaje y los sonidos más sucios y pútridos posibles. El conjunto conformado por Jean of Death (bajo), Julio Blanco (batería, voz) y Saint Martin (guitarra) es una de las máximas promesas del punk rock austriaco. No se trata de los músicos más talentosos ni de los más carismáticos pero la actitud y la energía no se pueden negar. Es por eso que no son pocos los que los consideran como los primos perdidos de The Spits y The Cavemen. Para intentar entender el sonido del trinomio sólo es suficiente mencionar que ellos consideran entre sus principales influencias a G.G. Allin y Mahatma Ghandi. Probablemente sus canciones se pueden ubicar en un punto medio de ambos personajes. Después de publicar algunos 7", el primer trabajo de larga duración en realidad es como un golpe seco que te deja inconsciente en menos de 20 minutos. Las 10 piezas de extremadamente corta duración se escapan y es necesario darle replay para escuchar el material de nuevo. Tal y como impusieron los Ramones, las canciones se basan en tres acordes (a veces menos) y son ejecutadas con instrumentos destartalados y oxidados. No hay lugar para la perfección y cada una de las composiciones suena como si la estuvieras escuchando directo de un ensayo. Parte del encanto del trabajo final es gracias a la producción de Lo Spider (guitarrista de Destination Lonely y productor de The Scaners, Badass Mother Fuzzers y Sloks), quien capturó la esencia del trío sin maquillar su sonido. Mientras que algunos ansían de complicarse la vida y pretenden mostrar su virtuosismo en cada canción, con Bad Mojos es todo lo contrario. Al escucharlos no sólo te dan ganas de aventarte contra las paredes sino de conseguir instrumentos musicales y formar tu propia banda de rock. Si ellos pueden, cualquiera puede.

New Underground Music (NL)
Bad Mojos uit Zwitserland bracht 1 oktober 2016 hun album "Punx Faggots Freaks / 7" via No Front Teeth Rec. als digitale download uit en tegelijk verscheen het album "Pass Out City / EP" via No Front Teeth Rec. in een beperkte oplage als LP en als digitale download, waarna op 28 januari 2017 de split 7" single "Locked Up 12 Years" volgde met "Sexual Tension" van de band Kick It volgde en hun album "I Hope You OD" wordt op 21 december 2018 door Voodoo Rhythm Records op de markt gebracht. Het album, dat 10 nummers bevat, start met "Diggin' My Own Grave", waarin de band me een schitterende snelle korte punkrock song voorschotelt, waarbij stil zitten geen optie is en deze wordt gevolgd door "Baby I'm Doomed", eveneens een korte stevige song, die in sneltrein vaart gespeeld wordt. Daarna volgt "I Wanna Be Dead" en ook daarin laat de band me genieten van een geweldige korte rock song, die me in beweging houdt en "I Hate" is van hetzelfde kaliber, wat dus inhoudt: kort, snel en dansbaar. In "Commit A Crime" laat Bad Mojos me genieten van een fantastische swingende uptempo punkrock song en in "Police Car" zet de band me nogmaals zo'n korte rock song voor, waarbij ik op mijn stoel zit mee te swingen.
Dan volgt de titel song "I Hope You OD" en ook deze wordt met hoge snelheid mijn gehoorgang in gespeeld (luister naar een gedeelte van dit nummer via de youtube link onder de recensie) en "Too Drunk" is van hetzelfde laken een pak: kort en snel. Vervolgens speelt de band "Out Of Control" en daarin dendert de trein met hoge snelheid verder en in "Everybody Hates Me" krijg ik nogmaals zo'n korte snelle punkrock song voorgezet. "I Hope You OD" van Bad Mojos is een geweldige plaat, die wat mij betreft wel iets langer had mogen duren, maar helaas nog geen 15 minuten duurt en ik kan deze fantastische plaat dan ook zeer aanraden aan iedere liefhebber van punkrock. * De muziek van deze band/artiest is ook regelmatig te beluisteren op maandagavond tussen 20.00 en 22.00 uur (Europese tijd) in het radio programma Carry's Music

Reverendo Lys (IT)
Capita che i vicini di casa facciano un gran casino. I Bad Mojos ad esempio sono dei fracassoni svizzeri che quando scendono a buttare la loro spazzatura punk è meglio mettersi una caccola di ovatta nelle orecchie. Il Reverendo Beat-Man, da anni ormai affetto da sillogomania, accoglie loro e la loro immondizia in casa sua. Aprendo la porta, possiamo adesso curiosare. I Hope You OD sono dieci canzoni, di cui sette inferiori al minuto e mezzo. Le rimanenti non molto al di sopra. Non fai in tempo ad impararne una che è già andata, come se fosse passata l’ombra di Joey Ramone da dietro le tende e, non appena ne hai scostata una, la sua sagoma di mantide è già fuori dal raggio visivo. Fortuna vuole che con le canzoni del terzetto svizzero ci familiarizzi subito, tanto che appena rimetti il disco le sai già tutte a memoria, come il Padre Nostro e l’Ave Maria. E così ora possiamo alzare il volume e fare chiasso anche noi.
Everybody hates me!
Everybody hates me!
Everybody hates me!
Everybody hates me now here in my hometown!

The current unhinged punk rock movement in Switzerland grows further with the chainsaw-on-metal sounding Bad Mojos partnering with Voodoo Rhythm Records for the release of their first album, I Hope You OD. Says Reverend Beat-Man (Voodoo Rhythm Records proprietor) of his recent signing: Switzerland stands for hi-fi, gold pop, and overall safeness. Bad Mojos are not this at all! This is three-chord punk rock and with absolutely stupid lyrics and a drummer who can barely sit still on his throne. 10 songs of lo-fi punk rock that your parents and neighbors are sure to hate, so play it at full blast! If you’re not looking to be cool but wanna be the misfit in your class, this is the record for you!!! What kind of noise like this comes from such a picturesque, wholesome town like Thun? The noise of three men escaping Thun’s sterility!Formed in 2015 via SMS, these Swiss men cut their way through European audiences on the regular all while releasing their early material on Kink Records (DE) and No Front Teeth (UK). When word of their ski mask theatrics and brash sound caught wind to Voodoo Rhythm, Reverend Beat-Man whisked them to the Toulouse based chambers of Swampland Studios to record what you’re now reading about.How’d they fare in south France under the tutelage of Lo-Spider (Swampland proprietor)? Lo-Spider is a Jedi Master of garage punk! Not only is his studio located in Toulouse’s shady side, which made us feel at home, he truly knows what he’s doing and made us sound great using every trick in the book! Those two days went fast! – Julio Blanco (Bad Mojos vocals/drums).