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Michiel Hoving - Guitars, Vocals
Claudia Hek - Drums

*Sixtyniners excist from artist Claudia Hek on drums and cartoonist Michiel Hoving on guitar and vocals, together thay make deliscious trashy garage rock n'roll.
*Dutch kids Sixtyniners play at the smallest outdoor stage in the world, dressed to kill, they give us pure rockabilly sound with a raw blues punk twist, making us realise that the best party ever would involve Gogolbordello, a Jacuzzi and the Sixtyniners.
*When two underground stars of graphic art roch together they add colour instead of white stripes, like Skynyrd in a squatted basement.
*this duo from Amsterdam and Groningen brings you a mix of raw americana and stompin'hillbilly straight from the BBQ of a north Carolina trailerpark

Although they sound and sometimes even look like it, country, punk and hillbilly duo SIXTYNINERS do not come from some white trash trailerpark in the deep South of the US. SIXTYNINERS are a Amsterdam/Groningen based duo from the Netherlands lifting their local music scene high above sea level. Consisting of Miss Claudia Hek on drums and Sir Michiel Hoving on guitar and vocals, the band has mixed americana, garage, country and southern rock into one tasty blend too tempting to resist.
Playing small shows, big festivals, at parties, weddings and tattooconventions all over Europe, they shared the stage with Dead Moon, Peter Pan Speedrock, the Seatsniffers, T-99, the Bluegrass Boogiemen, Patti Smith, T-Model Ford, Dale Watson and White Cowbell Oklahoma – just to name a few. Whatever venue they went, they turned it into a party hall, combining catchy tunes with a subtle dose of underground sleaze and mixing good fun with pure energy. Thus earning themselves a solid reputation of must see live band over the years.
Releasing two records now close to the collectors' item status, SIXTYNINERS have signed up with Voodoo Rhythm label to make their long deserved big break with their third, called Too drunk to truck. Inviting friends and guest musicians like René van Barneveldt (Urban Dance Squad), Arno Bakker (Jammah Tammeah), Arnold Lasseur and Bart van Strien (Bluegrass Boogiemen), Bone (Pedro Delgados) Cyril Yeterian (Mama Rosin), Paul Carriere (The Beavers) and Ferd Lionel Moyse IV (The Hackensaw Boys) to join the party, Too drunk to truck has turned into their most convincing album so far. Steel guitars, banjos, mandolines, violins, harmonicas, organs, trumpets, souzafones and trombones were all brought in to make this record rock and swing like you haven't heard in a long time.
SIXTYNINERS will relase their third album in Amsterdam on June 12 in Amsterdam and will soon be playing a stage near you.




3. 40 MILES


7": VR712 (EAN CODE: 7640111767343)

A 2 pice band, Hot Raw Naughty girl on drums and ZZ Top Hairy Dude on the Double Neck Guitar play Southern Raw Rock Blues
Claudia Hek is from Amsterdam and a Drumer for a Long time los Looches and many others, she's professional painter and Hoving her Boyfriend Hoving is from Groningen Rock city as well in Holland he's a fantastic Cartoonist as well (http://www.hoving.com/ ) he's cartoons n movies are around the world
Together they are the SIXTYNINERS a powerful Duo who takes you to a trip trough southern Rock and raw Punk Blues sort of Neil Young influed Southern Rock with Raw Blues, the Voice is High and the Drums Straight in the the Face






1. Too drunk to truck
2. Chickenstew
3. Play Dead
4. John Hardy
5. Shake
6. Almost done
7. Teardrops
8. livestock
9. Back to the country
10. the race is on
11. Hell
12. Not nearly done
13. Terlingua


LP: VR1262 (EAN-CODE: 7640111769804)
CD: VRCD62 (EAN-CODE: 7640111769750)

You cant miss it when two underground stars of graphic art crash together!
Yes, ist Netherlands famous Cartoonist Michiel Hoving and the beautiful Graphic Designer Claudia Hek, much better known by The Sexy Country Hillbilly Southern Blues Rock Duo SIXTYNINERS
Althought originally from Amsterdam and Groningen, but they sound like a wild and pure mix of raw Americana and Stompin'Hillbilly straight from a BBQ of a North Carolina Trailerpark
Claudia Hek, well known worldwide of her beautiful artwork for flyers and posters plays the drums.
On guitar and vocals her man Michiel Hoving. As well a respected and nominated flas animator story teller, Ugly Mean Chickie, Deadrat or Hotduck, just to mention a few of Hovings popular cartoon characters, have been seen by more than 100.000 peole worldwide. A more than just creative pair which transformed themselves on „Too drunk to truck" from a 2 piece raw straight trucker outfit into a White Trash Country Orchestra with many musician friends, such as Mama Rosin, Urban Dance Squad, the Bluesgrass Boogiemen and the Anomalys. The 14 songs were recorded in a farmhouse in middle of nowhere in Groningen, mixed by Paul Carriere & M. Hoving and mastered in the amazing Outside Inside Studios in Venice Italy. Most of the songs are written by Hoving except some covers from Ledbelly's.
This amazing duo plays at the smallest outdoorstage, but supporting big bands such as Dead Moon, Peter Pan Speedrock, the Seatsniffers, T-99, The Bluegrass Boogiemen, Patti Smith, DM Bob, T-Model Ford, The Red Stick Ramblers,The Monsters, Green Hornet, White Cowbell Oklahoma....