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Synchronisation licensing or compilation requests
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If you're bored of todays Music in Movies , TV Shows Video games etc.. then we got the Medicine for you, the Music from our bands on Voodoo Rhythm records will Turn Your Movie in a Extravagant Adventure , if you already found your song you want then please send your licensing enquiry including project title, artist name, track title, duration of use, and any relevant background information to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Voodoo Rhythm Publishing - Wankdorffeldstrasse 92, 3014 Bern, Switzerland Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
if you need to fill in a spot with music but don't know what .. then please send us a mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! and we send you a collection of songs we think you may like , our musical range goes from Blues Trash to Rock'n'roll, Jazz, Ambiente Space sounds, Gipsy Java , Boogie Punk, Garage Punk, Country, Cajun, Blues grass , Electro clash etc


MAKE MY DAY - 2019 (CH) (delaney davidson,juke joint pimps) avard movie
THE IN-LAWS - 2015 (AUS) (the pussywarmers) short movie
UNDRIVEN - 2015 (CH) (Delaney Davidson, Becky Lee And Drunkfoot, urban junior) Short movie, Festivals
SI J'ETAI DIEU - 2015 (CH) (the pussywarmers)
ELVIS - 2015 (CH) (jj.nixon, stinky lou, zeno tornad, boss christ, delaney davidson) (Swiss National TV, festivals)

BEAT-MAN - 2014 (CH) (reverend beat-man) (showed at Quarz, swiss music award)
- 2014 (CH) (Roy and the Devil's Motorcycle)
WELCOME TO HELL - 2014 (CH) (the monsters, Roy and the devil's motorcycle) : Soloturn Film Festival

THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS - 2013 (NZ) (Heart Attack Alley) : TV Serie - Ausstrahlung NZ, AUS, UK, USA
RECYCLING LILY - 2013 (CH) C-FILMS (Jerry J.Nixon)
THE GENIOUS OF MADAM CURIE - 2013 (UK) (The Dead Brothers ) BBC Documentry

TUTTI GIU - IM FREIEN FALL - 2012 (CH) (Rev Beat-Ban, Pussywarmers) AWARDS: Locarno, Montreal,,Soloturn etc
IMAGE PROBLEME -2012 (CH) (Urban Junior) Documentrary
ACHTUNG FERTIG WK - 2012 (CH) (Rev Beat-Man) Schweizer blockbuster komödie
FLAKE AND FLAMES - 2012 (DE) ( Juke joint pimps, the Monsters, Movie Star Junkies ) AWARDS : Newposrt film festifal

ZAFFARAYA 03 - 2011 (CH) (the Monsters)
THE KINGDOM OF SURVIVAL - 2011 (GER) ( Reverend beat-man) Slowboat Films by Marc Littler

PANIQUE AU VILLAGE - 2009 (BE) (Lightning Beat-Man) AWARDS: Cannes, Toronto Film Fest. , Fantastic Fest, Magritte Awards,
TORPEDO - 2008 (GER) (die Zorros) By: Helene Hegemann Awards: Max Ophüls Festival
THE ROAD TO NOD - 2007 (GER) - ( C.W. Stoneking, Hipbone Slim) Slowboat Films by Marc Littler
DESTROY ALL HUMANS (GAME) 2007 (USA) (the guilty hearts)
DEFICIT - 2007 (MEX) (King Automatic) by Kyzza Terrazas
KILLSHOT - 2007 (USA) quentin tarantino, never released ( zeno Tornado)
THE DEATH OF MICHAEL SMITH - 2006 (USA) ( reverend beat-man)AWARDS: LA Silver Lake Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival
KOMBAT SECHZEHN - 2005 (GER) ( die Zorros) AWARDS: Max Ophüls Festival, Undine Awards, Austria
VOODOO RHYTHM (GER) - 2005 (lots of voodoo rhythm bands) Slowboat Films by Marc Littler
FLAMMEND HERZ - 2004 (GER) (Dead Brothers) y Oliver Ruts, Andrea Schuler
PORNUCOPIA (LOVE AND SEX) - 2004 (USA ) (die Zorros) HBO Documentry Serie

HEAD - 2013 (CH) (Reverend Beat-Man) Ski Commercial
TRIDENT - 2012 (UK) King Automatic, Guilty Hearts, the Get Lost, Urban Junior) TV Commercial
SWATCH GROUP- 2009 (CH) (Urban Junior) catch a moment, Internet Commercial, South America

1. My Project is non-profit or has no budget, can I please use the track for free?
We would love to give it all for free, but we need at least 200 Euro so that we can give a little bit of money to the band who creates these amazing tracks you can't resist and also for our amazing Publisher Lysander Gelewski who spend hours for working on all the contracts, and to process a license to you, 

2. What permissions do I require to use a song in my project?
There are two copyrights that need to be cleared in order to license a song for use -
1st, the publishing copyright and
2nd, the master recording copyright : which are mostly in our hands! And for the final quote we always need the artist permission and approval to get the thing started, if they don't like your project we wont too! So please consider that this request need a few minutes.

3. How much will a license cost?
There are a number of facts we need to consider when formalising a quote for you. Keep in mind that we use the following form (download) when formulating a quote, and that any use is subject to final approval by the artist/composer!